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Is Thop TV The Best Mobdro Replacement?

Since Mobdro was recently shutdown I have had a huge amount of messages from streamers suggesting what they think is the best replacement. The one that seems to be getting mentioned a lot is Thop TV, so I decided to try it out again and it could be worth a look. So, is Thop TV The Best Mobdro Replacement?

Is Thop TV the best Mobdro replacement?

I didn’t think Mobdro was as popular as it was towards its final days, but it seems I couldn’t have been more wrong. There were still thousands using it and if you don’t know what happened already you can see my recent post about Mobdro Shutdown.

So Thop TV, is it any good, is it worth downloading and is Thop TV the best Mobdro replacement. I’m guessing you will let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom, but after quickly testing, it could certainly be worth trying out.

There are many different apps that offer Free Live TV on Firestick and Android devices. TV Tap, LiveNet, RedBox, HD Streamz, Strix, to name a few. But what makes Thop TV the best Mobdro replacement and why is it any better than the other apps available? I also know a lot of you will use IPTV, but there are still many people who prefer the free options or simply can’t afford the extra to pay for another service.

NOTE: It’s important to know when using apps like this they are not official. So it’s recommended to use a vpn to protect your data and online activity.

Why Is Thop TV The Best Mobdro Replacement?


The main thing that stood out to me is the quality of the streams, which I must add are better than any I saw from Mobdro. I’m not saying they are HD quality, but it’s still very good in comparison to other apps.

I have also sat with the app playing even while writing this post, and I must admit, I have yet to experience any buffering. Granted I have only tried a select few channels, but this is a very positive sign.


You will find you get a huge choice of channels to choose from, meaning whatever you’re looking for, you should find it here. It also has various different providers, so if a channel doesn’t work from one list, you have the choice to try another.

Thop TV

I also get asked a lot about Indian/Hindi content, and Thop TV has a lot of that content also.


Obviously Thop TV has ads, but there aren’t as many as I expected, at least for me. I have been using the app for a couple of hours now and only seen 1 ad. You also don’t get the option to allow the app to use your devices idle resources like we saw from Mobdro, so that’s also a relief. So when it comes to ads, for me there are a lot less than I expected.

Supported Devices

It’s great to see Thop TV on Firestick & Android TV devices navigates without the need of a virtual mouse such as Mouse Toggle for Fire TV. It does look a little stretched when searching for content, but when watching everything is as it should be.

Things I found make it easier

At first Thop TV may seem overwhelming to some as it is full of content and various different lists. In the future you will more than likely find your preferred lists or you can add channels to your favourites. But what I found is that searching for an individual channel is much easier than scrolling through lists with thousands of channels.

If you use the search feature you will also see the channel from every list in Thop TV as seen in the image above. I would also add the channels you enjoy most to your favourites so you can kind of build your own list without having to search every time you use the app.

Concerns About Thop TV

When I last tried Thop TV which was quite a while ago, it was flagged by Virus Total which said the app contained malicious software and not to use. After trying this new up-to date version, the app is clean so is currently safe to use.

How To Install Thop TV

Here’s how you can install Thop TV on Firestick & other Android devices.

Simply install Filelinked to your device which I’m guessing you already have. If not, you can install it from our downloads section. Then use a Filelinked code from our pin codes section, and you should find Thop TV inside there. I used Kev’s store with the code 76705196  PIN:3223, but there are many others you can use.

Thop TV Filelinked

Final Thoughts

So is Thop TV the best Mobdro Replacement? I think it’s certainly one you should try if you were a fan of Mobdro. I would actually say this app is better than Mobdro from the short time I’ve tried it.

I know a lot of you were asking for 24/7 channels but at the moment I haven’t found a huge choice for these. Maybe there are more lists inside the app and be sure to let us know if you find them. But all in all, I think Thop TV is now a great app and will do the job for most of you.

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