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Is Cinema HD Broken ? Let's FIX IT

Is Cinema HD Broken ? Let's FIX IT

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  1. It seems to be the 1.4.3 version which has the problem at the moment both Ad supported and Modded.
    It seems to be most commonly on fresh installs of the app.
    This video won't apply to many as for some it is still working. But this is to help the people experiencing the problems

  2. I tried this version 1.4.2 and Movies section is still not working. Still getting the same server busy message for all except New HD Release .I think I can live with that…Alas I found something. when you turn on your VPN (any) you get all movies and TV shows.. Lately its been happening to a lots of apps..sounds like ISP is blocking the links

  3. This has stopped working on my android phone today. Something about an update but won't let me update it? Any help would be appreciated ? I'm lost without it.

  4. Mine doesn't work. It will download but, it won't play any new episodes of any shows. When I first open it up it says that there is an update to v1.42=3. I go to install it and, I get a notice that says ….App not installed The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name.

  5. Ok… sometimes if you uninstall it then reinstall the same updated version it works.
    Or after the update go to settings ….manage apps…..cinema hd …..clear data. Next relaunch the app.
    This also works.

  6. I've just reinstalled the recently updated version and it is showing me this? I deleted the old version in applications, am I doing something wrong? Cheers

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