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IPTV Providers Tell Users Not To Worry

IPTV Providers tell users not to worry after the takedown of Xtream Codes. Furthermore Providers say they expect to see services back online in less than 48 hours. IPTV not working? This could explain why.

Xtream Codes was targeted by a huge police operation this week. Besides the software has been taken offline, IPTV Services around the world have been disrupted. But this won’t last long as providers are already starting with plan B.

What will happen to IPTV

After doing research it looks like services won’t be down for too long. Although this has caused massive disruption to over 98% of IPTV Services, we expect to see them coming back online within the next few days.

Not all IPTV Services will be offline and some may not even use Xtreme Codes in the first place. The ones not using Xtream Codes will not be affected by this.

Xtream Codes is an essential piece of software

Although Xtream codes isn’t well known by users, it is a huge part of what makes a service. It gives providers a panel which allows them to sign-up users, give login details and also offer details of what the user is watching and where from. But this isn’t the only thing Xtream Codes offers.

The software is what get’s the streams from the main server to the user, so think of it as an essential middle man. Without the software the server can’t reach the user. So if there are channels which need adding to the list, or channels which need fixing. This also needs Xtream Codes. It can also be done by advanced providers by changing codes etc. Crazy right?

Example: Think of Kodi as the software, and then the add-ons as the server. Without Kodi you wouldn’t be able to use the add-ons. So if Kodi and Xtream Codes are seen as the software and they’re offline, how is the server going to get that data to you?

What did authorities do

The authorities were able to take down a large amount of servers which resulted in hundreds of thousands of users being disconnected. Here are the estimated numbers from the operation so far.

  • Over 180 servers taken down
  • More than 800,000 users disconnected
  • Estimated £600m in damages
  • 22 people identified

All above numbers are estimated but it’s likely the numbers are a lot higher now. One thing to bear in mind is that the IPTV Providers are clever and have backups in place in-case of events like this. So although the takedown numbers seem high, you can bet numerous servers are popping up at the same time.

Rumors Xtream Codes started selling IPTV

Although this seems highly unlikely it is a big possibility. Another thing to note is this is rumored and not fact, we found this from multiple feeds when searching.

It’s thought that 2 members of the Xtream Codes team may have been selling illegal IPTV publicly around the world, and this is what allowed authorities to obtain a warrant to take down the service.

There are various IPTV players such as IPTV Smarters and STB Emulator, but not so long back XCIPTV appeared. This had a much more appealing look and lots of users started changing to it. How does this link to Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes is usually shortened to XC, so you can see that XCIPTV could actually be linked to them. The only thing is they had millions of users paying monthly subscriptions for their legitimate software, why would they risk it with selling IPTV.

IPTV is seen as easy tax free money that requires not much effort and a pretty much automated service. It’s possible the 2 said to have started selling a service got a little greedy. This is by no means a fact, it’s something we have seen speculated online and it could be a possibility.

As a customer, should you worry?

As a user there isn’t anything to worry about. Although anti-privacy said it’s illegal streaming they don’t see this as a primary subject. Authorities want to take down the main sources which in turn will stop the user streaming IPTV illegally.

My IPTV isn’t working

This is to be expected with almost every service at the moment. It’s a time where you have to sit tight and see if the provider you use manages to get it sorted. There is nothing any provider could have done to prevent this, and it will take some more time to recover than others. So if you find IPTV not working, sit tight.

One provider said “Sit tight we are doing our best to fix the issue. There is nothing we could have done to prevent this from happening, but we recognise you all want to see it back as fast as possible. We hope to be back online in the next 48 hours, sorry for any inconvenience.

Press Conference

There was a press conference held by a Eurojust spokes person and a panel of prosecutors and anti piracy associations. If you are interested in watching this we will leave it here : Watch Press Conference

You can read our post from yesterday here : letscrackon.org/iptv-not-working-2019/

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