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Welcome to the Easy Way To Test Your Internet Speed

Why are Internet Speeds important? You can now check your internet speeds easily with this Connection Speed Test. If you’ve ever streamed content online, chances are you have had some playback issues (buffering or choppy streams). The biggest culprit is usually down to a poor internet connection. Internet service Providers have a tendency to throttle speeds when streaming which can cause issues. NOTE: Download speeds are all that matters for Streaming Online.

As we all know, no matter what device we are using Speeds are important. We found that rather visiting various different sites to check your internet speeds, it would be much easier to add one to our website. Simply scroll down to the Speed Test and hit play. We have also found this to be one which has the most reliable results.

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We hope this makes the process a little easier for finding out your internet speeds. Don’t forget you can check out our Downloads Section for lots of useful apps. Downloaders, Tools, Cleaners, Streaming related and Much More.

Cool Tip: You can bookmark this page to your device/browser, then it’s super fast to click the bookmark and load straight to this Speed Test page. This saves having to enter the URL every time you want to visit the page, test your speeds with ease.



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