Install FileLinked onto 'ANY Amazon Device

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  1. Almost, … almost smooth speech right through. Wouldnt be the same without u getting tongue tied, mouth mashed or loose lips , then that infectious laugh. Its part of what makes this channel so popular. What you offer PLUS the personality. ?????

  2. Up on watching one of your vids with my 4 year old in the same room. She walked into the kitchen and asked her mother if the cake needed to go in the oven. When the wife told her "yes it does" she replied with "CRACK ON THEN"…… No joke! ?? The vids are brilliant my friend, keep em coming?

  3. Hello new subscriber like your videos you said in the vid for app recommendations for file linked theres one I've got which is swiftstreamz it works good and you can add it on if you want thank you


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