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Increase VPN Connection Speeds | Speed Up You VPN Connection

Increase VPN Connection Speeds | Speed Up You VPN Connection

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. ipvanish is currently double the price of nordvpn,….. i have used nordvpn for 18 months on a 3 year deal without problem and lose just 3 % of speed without having to mess around with settings.

  2. Best server and port on all vpns,I use udp and port 443 on and off with's worth going through your cities and countries to see the fastest one..most of the top ten premium vpns are good enough..I use premium windscribe, I get full speed on London tube server..

  3. The legend does not matter if its closer to you or not as I have ipvanish and I live in Glasgow. And the Glasgow servers are so bad i can't tell you how bad. Then I go to normad vpn and try London and i can say i am getting full speeds with normad and with ipvanish no matter what I pick the speeds are dog shit as you would call it. Even with changing the setting, I see you are using android well i am using windows app,

  4. Before jumping on the Bandwagon with the Promoting IPVanish please read.
    I only let people know I use it and there is an offer on currently which takes it down to around $4pm. These are tips as I say in the video which you should be able to use inside any VPN app. IPVanish is just the only software based which I use personally which is why I recommend it. Feel free to comment down below to say which VPN you use and prefer.
    If you would like any deals then visit here for IPVanish :

  5. Does anyone know the footballer Frank ribery? He should be an ambassador for explaining the dangers of shaving with a bic razor!!! ?

  6. I just went onto ipvanish website and went through the cancellation process and they have gave me 2 FREE months added to my account as I have. 3 month cycle deal

  7. Surf shark is 40 quid for 2 years sub on unlimited devices and the reviews seem to be all good. Anyone else have a SS sub that can tell me their honest opinion?

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