How To Watch Euro 2024 Online

Many of you have been asking what’s the best way to watch Euro 2024 online for free. Yes, you can watch it on normal tv but a lot of people may not have this option. So here’s how to watch euro 2024 online from anywhere around the world.

How to watch Euro 2024 online

Euro 2024 is finally here and it’s an exciting time for football. It kicks off on Friday 14th of June with Germany v Scotland. The finals are scheduled to be played on July 14thth, so a full month of entertainment.

How To Watch Euro 2024 Online

When it comes to watching the Euro’s, it may seem obvious to many, but there are a lot who simply can’t watch on normal cable or aren’t home when the games are live. So here’s some things you can try that show you how to watch Euro 2024 online from anywhere around the world completely free.


If you’re in the UK then it’s very simple and you can watch in full quality from reliable sites meaning no buffering so you can enjoy every game.



Both BBC and ITV will be showing all Euro 2024 games alternatively. You can use these websites/apps outside of the UK, you will just need to use a vpn to connect to a UK sever.

Twitter & Facebook seem to have live streams when the games are playing. Simply search ‘team name’ vs ‘team name’ live and you will more than likely see it being streamed live there. obviously where it says ‘team name’, enter the names of the teams playing at the time. YouTube is another place where you may find som of the Euro 2024 games streamed live.


UEFA have put a list together of all countries and channels the games can be watched live. Simply jump over there, find your region and it will tell you where & how to watch Euro 2024 online.

Euro 2024 Fixtures

You can visit the Official UEFA Website for a full fixture list or we will list them below. The UEFA website will also show results from previous games.

Friday, June 14

Group A, Munich: Germany v Scotland (20:00)

June 15

Group A, Cologne: Hungary v Switzerland (14:00)

Group B, Berlin: Spain v Croatia (17:00)

Group B, Dortmund: Italy v Albania (20:00)

June 16

Group D, Hamburg: Poland v Netherlands (14:00)

Group C, Stuttgart: Slovenia v Denmark (17:00)

Group C, Gelsenkirchen: Serbia v England (20:00)

June 17

Group E, Munich: Romania v Ukraine (14:00)

Group E, Frankfurt: Belgium v Slovakia (17:00)

Group D, Dusseldorf: Austria v France (20:00)

June 18

Group F, Dortmund: Turkey v Georgia (17:00)

Group F, Leipzig: Portugal v Czechia (20:00)

June 19

Group B, Hamburg: Croatia v Albania (14:00)

Group A, Stuttgart: Germany v Hungary (17:00)

Group A, Cologne: Scotland v Switzerland (20:00)

June 20

Group C, Munich: Slovenia v Serbia (14:00)

Group C, Frankfurt: Denmark v England (17:00)

Group B, Gelsenkirchen: Spain v Italy (20:00)

June 21

Group E, Dusseldorf: Slovakia v Ukraine (14:00)

Group D, Berlin: Poland v Austria (17:00)

Group D, Leipzig: Netherlands v France (20:00)

June 22

Group F, Hamburg: Georgia v Czechia (14:00)

Group F, Dortmund: Turkey v Portugal (17:00)

Group E, Cologne: Belgium v Romania (20:00)

June 23

Group A, Frankfurt: Switzerland v Germany (20:00)

Group A, Stuttgart: Scotland v Hungary (20:00)

June 24

Group B, Leipzig: Croatia v Italy (20:00)

Group B, Dusseldorf: Albania v Spain (20:00)

June 25

Group D, Berlin: Netherlands v Austria (17:00)

Group D, Dortmund: France v Poland (17:00)

Group C, Cologne: England v Slovenia (20:00)

Group C, Munich: Denmark v Serbia (20:00)

June 26

Group E. Frankfurt: Slovakia v Romania (17:00)

Group E, Stuttgart: Ukraine v Belgium (17:00)

Group F, Hamburg: Czechia v Turkey (20:00)

Group F, Gelsenkirchen: Georgia v Portugal (20:00)

June 29

Round of 16, Berlin: runner-up Group A v runner-up Group B (17:00)

Round of 16, Dortmund: winner Group A v runner-up Group C (20:00)

June 30

Round of 16, Gelsenkirchen: winner Group C v third place Group D/E/F (17:00)

Round of 16, Cologne: runner-up Group B v third place Group A/D/E/F (20:00)

July 1

Round of 16, Dusseldorf: runner-up Group D v runner-up Group E (17:00)

Round of 16, Frankfurt: winner Group F v third place Group A/B/C (20:00)

July 2

Round of 16, Munich: winner Group E v third place Group A/B/C/D (17:00)

Round of 16, Leipzig: winner Group D v runner-up Group F (20:00)

July 5

Quarter-final, Stuttgart: winner round-of-16 match 3 v winner round-of-16 match 1 (17:00)

Quarter-final, Hamburg: winner round-of-16 match 5 v winner round-of-16 match 6 (20:00)

July 6

Quarter-final, Dusseldorf: winner round-of-16 match 4 v winner round-of-16 match 2 (17:00)

Quarter-final, Berlin: winner round-of-16 match 7 v winner round-of-16 match 8 (20:00)

July 9

Semi-final, Munich: winner QF1 v winner QF2 (20:00)

July 10

Semi-final Dortmund: winner QF3 v winner QF4 (20:00)

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