How To Stop Buffering On Firestick In 2022

Buffering is something we all find frustrating, but there are some simple steps you can take to fix it. Here’s how to stop buffering on Firestick in 2022.

Why is my Firestick Buffering

There can be multiple reasons why your Firestick is buffering, and I will include the most common reasons along with potential fixes of how to fix buffering. 99% of the time users think buffering is due to poor wi-fi or internet, but a lot of the time this isn’t the case. So let’s see how to stop buffering on Firestick in 2022.

How to stop buffering on Firestick in 2022

There could be other factors which play a part when you find your device buffering, but the following should be a huge help. I will also link to a YouTube video that may be better to follow.

Reason 1

This may sound obvious but it’s something that is often overlooked. Power down your Firestick and unplug it for a minute or two, then plug back in. This solves more issues than you may think. You can also do the same with your router, as it’s recommended to do this every so often. This is super simple but could stop buffering on Firestick.

Reason 2

First of all you need to test which apps are buffering on Firestick. So first of all test a video inside an official app, such as YouTube (You can also use Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, etc). If you find you don’t get buffering when watching content in official apps, then the likely cause is the apps and streams you are using. Buffering most commonly occurs when using free movie & tv show apps, or even free live tv or iptv.

The video linked below may explain this better, but in short most of the time it’s the streams/links being used inside unofficial apps.

IPTV Buffering

If you find an itv service seems to buffer a lot, there are a couple of things to consider, but do note that pretty much all iptv services will buffer from time to time (usually in peak game times). A lot of the time it’s due to the service itself, and just running from poor servers or hosting that can’t handle the traffic.

Another reason could be due to your isp (internet provider) throttling or blocking the servers. To bypass any blocks or throttling, consider trying a vpn and see if this makes things run better for you. See our recommended vpn.

Free Apps

If you find you are getting buffering when using links inside free apps, then you’re not alone. 95% of the time it’s just a poor server where the link is being streamed from. But also take note of the file size, the bigger the file size, the better internet you’ll need. So try sticking around 1gb/2gb for HD movies. I would also suggest trying Real Debrid if you haven’t already. See video.

Reason 3

You need to make sure your device is running the best it can and without unnecessary processes running in the background. You may not open any apps when starting your Firestick, but you will find that quite a few apps launch automatically when you turn on your device.

Install an app called ‘Background apps & process list’ from the Amazon App Store. When opening the app, it will show you any apps that are running in the background. If they aren’t being used, click the app and select ‘Force Stop’. You should also check the available storage on you Firestick. Try to keep at least 500mb/1gb free and you can also clear cache to free up some space if needed.

There are a couple of videos that can help you better optimise your device and also to help protect your privacy. You should watch both ‘Firestick Settings you Need To Turn Off Now‘ and ‘How To Speed Up Your Firestick‘.

Reason 4

Although a lot of the time buffering on Firestick due to the reasons above, your wi-fi & internet can still play a pretty big part in this. There are a couple of things you can do to see if your internet is capable of streaming.

First install an app called ‘Analiti’ from the Amazon store, then open and see the speed test results. If you find all ticks, then your speeds shouldn’t be an issue, but if you see ticks under 1080p but a cross under 4k, you know to stick to streaming with a maximum quality of 1080p.

Next thing to check is your wi-fi strength. Simply go to settings, network and click the play pause button on your internet. Make sure it’s either very good or good. If you find there is a weak signal, this could be causing drop-outs which in turn will cause buffering.

Reason 5

Is it time to upgrade? If you are using an older Firestick/Fire TV then it could make a huge difference getting something a bit more up to date. Firestick’s are on sale most of the time and you can pick up either a Fire TV Stick 4K or a Firestick 4K max for a great price.

How To Stop Firestick Buffering In 2022 Video


Hopefully this resolved some issues you may have been having. If there’s anything I haven’t mentioned, go over to the YouTube video and leave a comment, then others will see more ways on how to stop buffering on Firestick in 2022. Also check out our downloads section which has useful apps for Firestick.

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