How To Install & Setup IPVanish On Your Device

How To Install & Setup IPVanish On Your Device

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28 thoughts on “How To Install & Setup IPVanish On Your Device

  1. I've subscribed to IPVanish for 2 years. It takes a bit of playing around with to select a server that doesn't throttle your broadband speed but it's pretty easy to do. I use Ookla speed test to verify the speed and it's not always the closest server to you that provides the fastest broadband connection. Just a tip. Try to choose a location with a lot of servers in IPVanish's list. I've got it so even when using the VPN that it is only slightly slower than without the VPN. Happy new year!

  2. Yorkshire born
    Yorkshire bred
    Strong in arm
    Thick in th'ed
    You are an exception to the rule
    Good health and happiness for the new year to you and the family from the red rose / Cheshire side, the right side of th'ill .
    Your channel has made an old man happy ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Would it be possible to ask you to give a tutorial on casting while using show box as when my vpn is active my all cast won't cast just for us who are a bit thick meny thank tarn lad.

  4. Great well explained video I want to ask when installing IP Vanish on to a mobile phone can it still work when not connected to wifi like if you are out not in the house and want to use your mobile data/ 4G?

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