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How to get live tv on Firestick.. Put m3u List onto Firestick or any device. Step By Step Tutorial

How to get live tv on Firestick.. Put m3u List onto Firestick or any device. Step By Step Tutorial

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  1. So this is another scammer linking to a bigger scammer so you get scammed while you're getting scammed! Okay, got it……..

  2. Hi guys subscribed but I get to sreen with mac address etc click on restart but it does not do anything // just keeps me on same screen. Tried pressing and holding down lp number but nothing. PS this is on Firestick.

  3. Hi I put my fire stick on the other day and had to put my Amazon details in…now my IPTV doesn't work just says check playlist Nr1 url ? I have e-mailed Kevin but had no answer. Would you know if it's the link from Kevin that's broke or is it to do with Amazon….Sorry to bother but TIA…

  4. Great educational video boss I do have a question so all is working but how to I get the tv guide to work if you don't mind helping me out with this please

  5. FIRST THING I HAVE TO SAY IS TO EVERYONE IS NEVER BUY THE YEAR SUBS MOST OF THE TIME YOULL GET RIPPED OFF AND TGEY WORK FOR A MINTH OR SO THEN BOOM GONE AND CANT GET INTOUCH WITH THE SELLER AND YOULL NEVER GET A REFUND SO DO MONTH BY MONTH AND Wow I was reading the comments and so many people are having the same issues but they should be having those types of issues you should make a new video to address them because your videos are great

  6. Hi. I have this Iptv since December 17. But yesterday I have lost the sound from all of the channels. Could u help me? 🙁

  7. Hi love your videos, I've tried to download the smart iptv app on the firestick and there is a shopping cart logo in a yellow circle when I click onto it it comes up with unavailable, I have a UK account open with amazon, please help


  9. Free Tech thanks for your help. So the video that you are showing doesnt work anymore, is that correct? So I cant watch iptv anymore unless i change my device??

  10. Thanks so much for such a brilliant straight to the point tutorial. We have now managed to get our IPTV working after watching your video. Cheers?

  11. Help!!!!! I entered mac address, added the
    Followed the rest of the instruction and got an error. So i ended up making the iptv payment. I was then invited to restart. But on screen " no channel name" then " conecting…..failed. what do i do?

  12. HI Free tech.
    You say jump onto your android, pc, or laptop but how do you actually copy it from there onto the firestick?

  13. New to this lol got smartiptv had no channels but paid for subscription have no idea how to get channels watched your tutorial but can't find what I'm looking for email has nothing to copy Device MAC: 24:4c:e3:51:3b:7f
    Transaction ID: JD5967XR this is all that's in email help please lol.

  14. Hi great work do you know how I'd put iptv alexander sofronov app on my firestick it's the blue app with just iptv wrote in middle? Struggling

  15. Hello Free Tech. I have a subscription but I am stuck on my bone-headed issue with no channels. I never had a free trial and I only have a check your play list screen. How do I get a play list?

  16. Hi mate, got my M3U file but struggling to add to firestick. Do I have to copy txt word for word or is there a way of copy & paste. txt from file received to firestick or am I being stupid?

  17. Hi have juste ordered smart iptv for fire stick 4 a year it cost me £60 I followed your instructions step by step on your video and it's not working out so put on can you please help me or what should I do next

  18. Alrite Kevin thanks for getting back to me I followed all your instructions to a T my smart iptv is on but it's but it's asking me check playlist Nr.1 URL I was just wondering can you show me how to get all my channels on smart iptv 4 my Amazon fire stick

  19. just spent my 5 euro or whatever for my provider still no f email etc. put my mac address email credit card details , fucking joke

  20. wow you have an African grey . i have a parakeet red rump . i love birds . they understand you don't they

  21. This guy is amazing one of the best .makes things so easy for new people . He is that good that I told my family to watch him save asking me and they do .thanks for your vids just easy too .keep up the great work

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