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How To Fix Out Of Sync Audio When Streaming

Trying to watch a Movie when the picture doesn’t match the sound can become very frustrating. Both MX Player and MX Player Pro have a feature that allows you to fix this. Let me show you How To Fix Out Of Sync Audio When Streaming

What Causes Out Of Sync Audio

There can be many factors that play a part in putting an audio delay on content when streaming. Some could be a bad connection, the stream itself, device processing etc. But this fix will get rid of those annoying streams and allow you to adjust the audio so it matches the picture.

MX Player Has A Feature For This

We will be using MX Player to fix out of sync audio, and it’s worth noting MX Player is available almost all devices. It has an Audio Delay feature which allows you to adjust the audio. So if your audio is out by half a second, you can set a 0.5 second delay to fix it.

Don’t Use MX Player?

Many of you may think, well I don’t use MX Player, or don’t know how to use it. Well it’s actually as simple as installing MX Player from our Downloads Section, once installed open the App and make sure to Allow Permissions. Then go into whatever streaming App it is that you use and go to the Settings. You will see an option to choose default media player. Click it and you will see if you have MX Player installed on your device you have the option to select it. Then that’s it and now I will tell you how to fix out of sync audio on MX Player.

How To Fix Out Of Sync Audio

Once the App you’re using to play content is set to play through MX Player, you can go ahead and find a link of the Movie you want to watch. Once it opens inside MX Player click the enter button and you will see options like Play, Pause ETC. If you look at the top right you will see a HW Button which is the first thing you can try. When clicking HW it will give you 3 options for different decoders, try changing them and see if this works. If not, we will use the Audio Delay feature.

You will see 3 dots in the top right corner


Click it and scroll down to tools


Scroll down to settings


Select Audio


Now you will see an Audio Delay option, go ahead and select it.

Fix Out Of Sync Audio

You will now have the option to set a delay on the audio by simply typing in the amount of seconds you want to adjust the audio by. You may have to keep trying to get it right, but this fix will work a treat and works 100% of the time.

Set Audio Delay

Be aware Audio Delay doesn’t work with HW Decoder, so you will have to change it to HW+ or SW. Just follow the steps above to change the decoder.


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