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Hidden Router Just Released A Budget VPN Router | We Have An Exclusive Review

Hidden Router Just Released A Budget VPN Router | We Have An Exclusive Review

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Can you please tell me, how would i know if my phone is crypto mined and is there a way to stop it?
    My phone recently started to get hot, now and then, I'm not sure if it's the case
    Can you reply me please

  2. Hi Adam, thanks for a great video, but i would find it very hard to justify that pricing. I currently use PIA vpn (admittedly a software vpn) but i pay less than 40 euro for the year and it cover's 10 Device's, and NEVER had any issues with service, i would be hard pressed to say that the "budget" hidden router is anywhere near a good deal, at least in my case. Sorry : (

  3. I like the idea of it not disconnecting I might grab this .after I give InvinciBull  vpn a shot . It gives a 1g free trial. No credit cards unlike all the other big ones with no free trial.

    Can this be used as a repeater

  4. Great vid adam that looks not bad router 🙂 like your outtakes bit 🙂 i been trying download mx player pro i had mx player deeted it to get pro but now cant download it i wondering whether it firestick any advice?

  5. Thanks FreeTech, useful video. I can verify about support from Hidden Router, it is fast and very efficient.

    You can always purchase and test for 14 days. One thing to be aware of is, you will probably have a customs charge (VAT) to pay, this is over and above the current cost you pay.

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