Hidden Router | A VPN Inside The Router | Use ChromeCast With A Vpn

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  1. Great video, loved it! I got a router from them errrm an year or so ago, it still fills my 200mbps line without a hassle. Netflix works no matter which server in the US I use. Amazon prime video/torrenting works too. James helped me a few times when I managed to bork the whole router with my badass skillz ? All and all – solid company, solid support and a solid product.
    Only wish they also had an Android app for when im not home.

  2. You reviews are a gas…Hell I don't understand what you are talking about half the time I'm seriously non-tech savvy, computer illiterate, Still I listen because you make me laugh…todays phrase of the day…"Its dog shit" you're killin it man. Keep it up

  3. When you carried out the test, did you carry it out in the same room as the vpn router ?.If you hadn't it would be interesting to find out what the download speed would be if you did the same test in another room away from this router, and yor right, 200 quid is a lot of money to fork out just so you can cast stuff from a mobile to a tv at same time as using a vpn.For another £45 you can buy a top of the range router

  4. $10 a month for VPN service is not to bad, but $200 for router is pretty steep. Will have to compare with flashrouter prices. Price is about the same for the router and you choose your own VPN provider. So apples to apples they are very close. Flashrouter Reuters have more ports for connecting devices with ethernet. My question is… how does it work with real-debrid? Ipvanish was not compatible.

  5. Thanks brother great review looking forward to trying this out much appreciated for your insight, would not know a thing cos of ya ?

  6. Configuration PIA on a wireless router that you have already is much cheaper as PIA is 39.95 for 1 year and 69.95 for 2 years the hidden router is a nice option if you don't know how to install a firmware to support PIA

  7. So pleased you don't do unboxing it is a box after all!! but must say I loved the bubble wrap I think I will go and get some
    I think at 199 it is just to much for me

  8. So what's the difference between this router and having a VPM with a company like ipvanish doesn't it do the same job ?

  9. Does this work with a WiFi mesh network system. I have 6 tenda MW3 nodes spread around my property. I was curious if the hidden router would be connected onto my main router and then my tenda WiFi mesh would be connected onto the back of the hidden router.

  10. I like the video mate well done. I have a couple of questions though.
    What is the name of the VPN used on this device?
    Do you keep logs?
    Is the vpn outside the 5/14 eyes?
    Where is the vpn company based from?
    Can I put any VPN provider onto this router easily?
    Does iplayer and netflix UK work with this VPN?
    I look forward to your replies.

    Keep up the great videos mate you are awesome!!

  11. WARNING I brought this Router and its saying ; Cant deliver unless I pay 15 to 25 Dollars Import duty, This was never mentioned at time of purchase, They told me its common knowlage

  12. Hey guys I thought I better do a follow up post since the hidden router has arrived, wow yes my last post I wasn't happy with the customs charge but now it's here and working amazing plug activate and your up and running so if you can afford this I'd say it's a must I love my PayPal ??

  13. so does this router plug straight into my normal phone socket? i get my internet via my phone line which connects to my existing router.


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