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HDTV Ultimate – Easy Install Guide

HDTV Ultimate is a new Streaming App for Free Live TV on Firestick & other Android Devices. Although it may not be your cup of tea, it could be worth checking out. HDTV Ultimate – Easy Install Guide.

What is HDTV Ultimate

HDtv Ultimate is a brand new Android App that allows you to access Free Live TV from around the world. Having various different lists for each country, HDTV Ultimate really does have a lot to offer. The App works alongside MX Player so you will also need this installed on your device to use it.

It has a pretty basic interface with an easy to use layout. Then it’s as simple as finding the region of content you’d like to watch, and finding the channels.

HDtv Ultimate install guide

There is a downside we have found with the App while testing. It seems when playing content it tends to randomly stop playing. Guiding you back to the app where you can then select the channel again. Also buffering seems to be a little issue as the servers are starting to gain more traffic. You can see How to Stop Buffering Here.

How To Install HDTV Ultimate

We will now show you where you can install the HDtv Ultimate App from. This will all be done using Filelinked as most of you will be familiar with. You will see install guides for different devices as the process can be a little different.

You will be able to find ad free VIVA TV apk versions if you look around too. This will give you a lot better experience when using the app.

Another great way to install third party apps which are ad free is APK Time which is also available in our Downloads Section.

How to install HDtv Ultimate APK on Firestick

If you would prefer to watch a video of How To Install Filelinked then you can find this on our YouTube Channel. This is a video from our YouTube Channel that will get that installed for you.

Don’t forget you will also need to install MX Player on your device. You can Download MX Player from the same place as Filelinked shown in the guide below.

How To Install HDtv Ultimate APK On Android Box

  • Install Puffin TV from our Downloads Section or the Google Play Store
  • Type in the following URL : https://letscrackon.org/downloads/ (or just search letscrackon)
  • scroll down to Filelinked and click it
  • Now click Download
  • Once it finishes downloading you can go back to Puffin TV Home
  • Down to Downlads on the left tab and find the Filelinked install file
  • Install Filelinked and open
  • Enter a Filelinked Code : Find Codes Here!
  • Now you can install the HDtv Ultimate App from the Filelinked Store

How to install HDtv Ultimate APK on Phone & Tablet

Make sure you have Filelinked installed on your mobile phone or tablet. If you don’t have it installed, simply open the devices web browser (Google Chrome, Puffin TV, Firefox etc) and visit letscrackon.org/downloads. You will find Filelinked here and be able to install it on the device. So once you have Filelinked installed you will follow these steps :

  • Open Filelinked
  • Enter a Filelinked Code: Find Codes Here!
  • Find HDtv Ultimate and Download
  • Follow the install steps
  • Now you will find HDtv Ultimate App Mobile is in your Apps Section

hopefully this guide of how to install hdtv ultimate apk on your device helped. And if there’s anything you’d like to know or to just keep upto date, consider following us on social media.


Now we don’t know what licenses or permissions this service has to distribute the content which it does. So it’s worth checking laws on streaming in your region. It may also be worth investing in a VPN. Our Recommended VPN is IPVanish which we have been testing since day 1.


Many people may disagree or find the service doesn’t work as well for them as expected. This is a recommended post, any DMCA or copyright issues please contact HDtv.

Due to the difficulty in determining whether an IPTV service is legal or not, we take the following stance.

“Let’s Crack On does not verify whether or not IPTV services carry the proper licensing for the content that they broadcast.  The end-user shall be solely liable for any application or service used on their streaming devices.”


APK Updates December

A VPN is also recommended when streaming content of this nature. We have a large choice of FREE VPN‘s available in the Downloads Section. But there are a few reasons why we wouldn’t recommend using a Free vpn. You can read more about that here. This is one reason we recommend using a premium vpn. A test was done recently on internet speeds using the Top VPN Services. We recommend 3 services all which give great speeds and keep you safe when streaming.

You can find the Special Offers on VPN’s Below:

IPVanish (upto 57% OFF)


Nord VPN (Upto 81% OFF)

Hidden Router (Upto 40% OFF)

Express VPN (Upto 35% OFF)

Imprtant notice

IMPORTANT: When installing third party apps to your device it’s recommended to use a VPN. This allows you to hide your IP Address so nobody can see what you are viewing. It also allows region locked content and more links to show. Visit the Best VPN for Android Devices. Official Site

Legal Notice

Legal Notice: The streaming apps and covered on the LCO website may include copyrighted content. Users should only use these app’s to access media that falls under Public Domain status and is not protected by copyright.

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