Welcome to the Giveaways page, where we will be giving away pretty much all the products sent out to review. we will be having regular prize draws and have a bunch of goodies ready and waiting. The giveaways are the best way of me thanking all of you for the support. Also, the giveaways are FREE to enter!

The Biggest Giveaway So Far

This giveaway is a little different to the ones we are use to running. Usually we send 1 product/device per winner, but in this competition we will be sending the winner a bunch of stuff. It will be completely random so it could have 3 streaming devices, and some random stuff I got in the Mystery Box from Let’s make this giveaway a good 1 and I will run the same type of competition again after this one is over.

How To Enter The Giveaways

So how do you enter with a chance to win the latest prize? It’s as simple as selecting any of the entry options from the window below. We will be using Gleam for the giveaways so that I can contact the winner when the prize is drawn. We will also put the winners from previous giveaways at the bottom of this page so you can see all previous prizes. Also if you don’t already, you can follow me on other social media platforms.

Bundle Giveaway

Please Read!

Once you’ve chosen your entries, you will find there’s also an option to add more entries by simply visiting each day and claiming the daily entries. When the winner is generated at random, I will contact you via email and you will have 1 week to reply. If we don’t hear back from you, the prize will go into another giveaway and somebody else will have a chance to win the prize.

It would also be appreciated if winners could send in a photo or a quick video clip when receiving the prize. This way we can share on social media and the website to hopefully get more giveaway sponsors for next year and keep these going continuously through the year.

Don’t forget, if you are an Android users and love streaming, we have some very useful sections on the website. Such as Downloads, APK Updates, Best Filelinked Codes, News & Streaming App posts, and more!

PRIZE – UGOOS X2 CUBE (Finished)

X2 Cube

PRIZE – VIDSTICK+ (Finished)



MeCool KM9 Pro



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