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Free Tech Leaving YouTube For A While

Free Tech Leaving YouTube For A While

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Just want to let ll you lovely people know I will still be around just not as often. The main place to catch me is Twitter :
    I have videos scheduled for the following weekends also. Then when I come back we will have some big reviews including the GT-King and the Nvidia Shield.
    Thank you all for the love and support and speak very soon ?

  2. I love holidaying in Greece, last year was near Skala on Kefalonia an excellent holiday, enjoy the break Adam. When there remember pay cash only for best deals.

  3. Love your wonderful informative site,keep up the great work,have a great holiday in Greece,just to say I am now retired and now live in Spain,so on holiday 24/7 ,not dogshit at all !!!!!!!!

  4. Off to Greece,have a goodun .went out with a girl from Greece,she told me her fanny tasted like a rainbow,turns out she meant trout not skittles.

  5. You deserve a vacation. Go get loose. Have fun with the family and enjoy life. We all need that. If you were in Las Vegas i would buy you a beer hehehe. Went there for my vacation. 2 weeks. I needed it.

    You've done so much good for the community here it's time to take a break well deserved. ?

  6. Ah, you want beer but your going to Greece. YOU NEED OUZO,that will really make you laugh. Enjoy your holiday.

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