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Free Streaming Website for Movies & TV Shows

We all love free streaming apps but you’re limited to what devices they can be used on. This Free Streaming Website for Movies & TV Shows can be used on any device and better yet, it’s AD FREE!

Recently we have seen several streaming websites which are ad free become popular, but they have been taken down pretty fast also. A great example is, a similar website that keeps coming back online but get’s taken down days later. This website has been running a while now and has been promoted quite a lot, and it’s still online and working better than any other site I’ve seen available at present.

Free Streaming Website for Movies & TV Shows

The website we are talking about today is, but why is it so good? The main point is it’s a free streaming website for movies & tv shows, but there are also multiple websites which offer this content so why is any different?

First of all the website is ad free and this is a huge advantage when it comes to streaming websites. You will usually find that websites with this sort of content is full of ads, potential adware and generally unsafe. They will open pages in new tabs trying to force downloads and it becomes a long process trying to watch 1 thing. Other sites may also prompt for you to sign up or give some sort of personal information, this is something you ‘Do Not’ want to do on websites of this nature. Well with you have none of this, you simply select the content you want to watch and play, then you’re watching you’re favourite shows.

Why is this site good

The website has a clean look which is easy to navigate and you can start streaming content with just a couple of clicks. You can see the layout from the image below, and you can also see the website is secure with an SSL.

Free Streaming Website for Movies & TV Shows

You can use the search feature to find the content you want to watch or use the featured section if browsing. Once you click the movie or tv show you will be directed to another page and see a play icon. Simply click the play symbol and that’s it, the stream will start playing. You also have the option to go full screen, enable subtitles and even cast.

1 issue we have found is some of the content may come back as missing or a broken link. This maybe due to takedowns for specific content which they will comply to keep the site from being shutdown completely. The time of writing this post, most of the streams play without issues, but this may change in the future.

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We do ‘NOT’ know what permissions this website has to distribute the content listed on the website. It maybe worth checking the terms and policies on their website and also the laws on streaming in your region. We don ‘NOT’ condone any form of piracy or distributing content you do not own.

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