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FREE Remote Mouse Apk For Firestick. *2018*

FREE Remote Mouse Apk For Firestick. *2018*

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  1. Isn’t working ?? Did exactly as you said to the word, even tried turning off adb debugging and then on again… still won’t work when I double click the start button

  2. Hello, I've download showbox following your previous video which seems to work fine and launch. However, I've followed this tutorial to the letter but it doesn't seem to work. I'm unable to move around show box there's no curser or anything. I've turned the firestick on and off but still the same. Looked in allocations and the remote is installed properly but just doesn't show the curser in showbox so I can't bruise anything. Do you have any ideas to help me please

  3. Hi I’ve tried this mouse toggle app with my show box app on my 4K Fire TV and it works but it’s out of sync so you can’t hover the mouse over what you want it has to be way down the screen and to the right to be able to click on what you want, I’ve tried a few mouse apps but they’re all the same, have you any ideas
    P.s great tutorials

  4. I don't get the cursor. Done the adb off on, force stop and firestick on/off no cursor. What am I doing wrong!

  5. I’ve followed your video exactly, I have the mouse app downloaded turn settings on then off but I still can’t get the mouse to work on an app it doesn’t show

  6. I don't remember seeing this info on the videos:
    How to Activate – Double Tap quickly on the Pause/Play button to enter Mouse Mode and Single Tap for Remote Mode.
    How to Control
    To Move the mouse pointer the Up, Down, Left, Right.
    To Make a mouse click, Tap on Select.
    To Scroll Up use the Menu Button.
    To Scroll Down Use the Fast Forward Button.
    To Drag or Swipe you must hold down the Select and D-Pad.

    Solved all my "issues" with the mouse/cursor
    Thanks for the videos.

  7. I got the mouse working on showbox but when I go on to the screen with all the movies I can’t scroll down it just shows the first 10 movies

  8. Had problem with toggle tried your fixes still a problem .i found a fix that worked for me on my 4K tv fire stick to do with resolution bug go to settings click display click resolution then set to 1080 /50 because the 4K fire stick is basically a 1080 player and my toggle appears if toggle disappears on fresh start up just reset resolution. Hope it helps

  9. Can we get voice search on aptoid tv ? Actually my smart aptoide tv remote doesn't have voice search

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