FREE APP STORE.. The New Aptoide Tv APK For Firestick / Android.. The Only App You Will Ever Need

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  1. How do you think the Fire TV Stick Lite will perform?
    I remember I was excited for the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and we all know how that went 😂
    Here's to hoping it will perform well enough to justify buying it 🍻

  2. Hi adam yes let us know what you think of the new google cromcast with remote control does it have google playstore and what is the memory capacity eg 1ram/2ram and rom
    Thanks adam you are a good and honest man
    keep up your good work!!👍🏻👍🏻

  3. honestly I like fire stick but I will not buy this. Amazon does not allow the Google Play Store. If you tried to download the Google Play Store APK it will cause a permanent boot loop on your FIRESTICK. Boot up system. Then you're stuck with a brick fire stick. And the only way to fix it is to put it into safe mode with a USB keyboard hooked up to a OTC cable to the firestick. and press combination of keys on the keyboard. and then do a system restore.

    Amazon company will not pair up with Google company. Amazon has its own app store. Which kind of sucks cuz you can't download lots of stuff that's on the Google Play Store.

    If they allow Google Play Store I would probably buy it..

  4. Good concise summary.
    Best to go for the Firestick (not light) as it offers remote control feature and is only £10 more.
    The mere cost of 2 Whopper meals 🍴 🍟 🍔! 😳

  5. I have the 4K. I might try the new one just for Atmos, since on the 4K, the ONLY Atmos that it plays is three titles from Prime Video. This one says it will stream Atmos on Netflix. If they aren't lying about that, it will be the cheapest streamer that does, so, well worth the $40 to me. I wish you could test that!

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