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Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul Replay

I’ll be honest. This isn’t a fight that interested me and I thought it was a boring fight to watch. But I know a lot of you may want to see the Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul Replay, so here’s the full fight!

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul replay

How To Watch Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul Fight

Sky Sports have just released the full fight from last night on there YouTube channel which you can see below. Meaning you can now watch the Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul replay in full HD and not like those awful low quality and zoomed ones we tend to see.

I was going to write more about it but in all honesty, it was a waste of time. Jake Paul hugged Mayweather more than my mother use to hug me when I was a baby and it really did look like everybody suggested. That it was only for the money and held pretty much zero value to the viewer. Let me know your thoughts on this though, because this is just my opinion.


Logan Paul Tweet

It even looks like Logan Paul is trying to claim a victory of some kind. Yes, it’s pretty impressive to go the distance with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, but look at the difference in height, weight, age, etc. Anyway, I’m going to go enjoy my day and I just thought I’d let you know the Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul replay is available to watch if it’s something you were looking for. Check out some of our Latest Posts for streaming tips, tricks, app, guides, reviews and much more.

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