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Firestick Remote Not Working. Easy Fix

Firestick Remotes have been mysteriously disconnecting, and it’s been proving difficult to pair the Firestick remote back to the device. In this post we will look at Firestick Remote Not Working. Easy Fix!

Things that may have happened

The Firestick remote is becoming notorious for randomly disconnecting from the Firestick. There are a few things that can cause this, but it seems the Firestick Remote is disconnecting on its own.

Firestick Randomly Disconnected

This seems to be the most common issue at the moment. Users are turning on the Firestick to find the remote has randomly disconnected. This is nothing you have done or could have done to prevent it. See below to pair Firestick remote back up to the Firestick.

Forgot Bluetooth Device

Have you recently added any other Bluetooth devices to your Firestick? When in settings and Bluetooth devices you will see remotes. Check in there to see that the remote is still shown. If it is the remote should re-connect by holding the home button down for around 10 seconds.

Amazon Update

We aren’t sure if Amazon did a recent update to cause the Bluetooth connection to forget devices, but it really has caused a lot of stress for a lot of people.

How to Pair Firestick Remote

We will list a guide you can follow to fix the Firestick Remote and pair it back to the Firestick, but we will also leave a video for those who prefer to follow video tutorials. Firestick Remote Not Working? Easy Fix!

Amazons recommended method

  • Make sure the batteries are working
  • Also make sure the batteries are inserted the correct way
  • Now simply long hold the Play/Pause button for around 15 seconds
  • Didn’t work? Try again
  • We found with this method it had to be repeated several times before connecting.

The 100% Fix Method

  • Make sure the batteries are working
  • Also make sure the batteries are inserted the correct way
  • Next get your Android phone or tablet
  • Download the Amazon Fire TV App from the Google Store
  • Open the App on your phone/tablet and you should see the name of your Firestick
  • note: Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Click on the named device and it will show a 4 digit pin on the Firestick screen
  • Enter the code into the App and it will connect
  • Once connected you will find you can use the Amazon Fire TV App as a remote
  • Now navigate across to settings
  • Click Remotes & Bluetooth Devices
  • Now click Amazon TV Remotes
  • Go down to Add New Remote and click it
  • Now your Firestick will start searching
  • Hold down the Home Button until it shows on your Firestick
  • Click on the Enter Button
  • Done. You should find your Firestick Remote has connected


Firestick Remote Fix

You should find your Firestick Remote has paired back up and be working as normal. As always if you do have any problems connecting your Firestick Remote, then visit the YouTube video above and leave a comment. I try to reply to all comments, so hopefully we can get it fixed if you’re still having problems.

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