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Firestick Keeps Restarting / Overheating / Crashing ??? This Video Could Help You Fix This

Firestick Keeps Restarting / Overheating / Crashing ??? This Video Could Help You Fix This

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  1. Take the casing off??? Does that really make it any better? I thought its designed to work better with casing…aint it?..

  2. Just get an Android box tried the Firesticks they just ain't cutting it low storage little memory, if you can invest in a Nvidia Shield go for it full updates supported full support from the major players so you can watch your Netflix, YouTube, Prime etc with no problems out the box at 1080p 4K etc…

  3. Another tip Free Tech is when you pull apart your fire stick you could drill about 8 to 10 holes on each side of your fire stick then put it back together to stop over heating and if still over heat pull a small fan from your USB port problem fixed works ok. Great video Free Tech.

  4. Hi m8, something is wrong with ure filelinked. Cyberflix is downllading cinema hd and cinema hd is broken. Ive emailed u the details. Give me a shout when uve had a look. Cheers.??

  5. Hi mate. Bee tv ain’t working even though I’ve deleted it and installed it again. Every other apk okay apart from this one. Any ideas????

  6. What does it mean when I'm trying to watch a TV episode and it keeps searching? I mean I watch 10 seconds of the show and then the spinning wheel of death will show up. This happens about every minute.

  7. Simple fix to try. Ensure the display is not set to auto. Turn the setting down to 720p/50hz. I found after the recentish update the firestick kept rebooting etc. After I changed this setting no problems.

  8. freetech

    if I'm being honest I've had my fire TV 2nd gen 2 years and never had problems. apart from its getting slow now. happy new year to u and yr family

  9. instead of using a drill to put the holes in i used a skewer and heated it up with a lighter,it only takes a few seconds and did a good job

  10. Hi pal, is there a way I can use a wireless keyboard mouse with the 4k firestick, I watched a video on here showing how to use the keyboard mouse with a cable that goes into the fire stick so I bought it and it's a load of s…e, if there is a way to use it could you upload a video please and keep up the good work ???

  11. Ive only had 4k firestick for 2 weeks none this helped me it still just resets an resets so basicly its trash right?

  12. FreeTech its true, some tv's if u dont use the hdmi extender the stick overheats and as u know the first sign of a overheating firestick is the wifi signal goes. The extender helps in keeping the stick cooler in some tvs.

  13. LOL
    I love it!! I tried changing out the cable and used the phone cable and it helped. Now it's rebooting and buffering a lot. I will try the phone plug not sure about taking the casing off of the stick.
    I will get out the 4K also and thanks for the info. Keep laughing and smiling ???☺

  14. Hi my cyberflix will play for about 10 minutes and stop. Is there a timed setting, because it doesn't do this on any other app I have installed. Thanks in advance

  15. I have fire tv stick 4k and its always reboot and restart even cant factory reset. Can you please help me.

  16. I am unable to access settings since the Firestick updated. Can anyone help with this please?

  17. Hiya Mate, I too had the issue of rebooting loop. I was powering my 4K FS off a USB port on my power strip, which is rated at 2.0 amps. I upgraded to a USB adapter rated at 2.4 amps. Problem solved. Thanks for sharing the great videos! ??

  18. Thanks for the tips, Bro. I had to delete Kodi from my 2nd gen. Nothing but Netflix, Hulu and the File thing are the downloads left with the preloaded Amazon shit. I get constant messages that there is not enough memory left with options to 'go to settings and delete' or 'not now.' Eventually "Not Now stops working. That's when I deleted Kodi (I miss you Kodi). Let's hope this video and maybe others clean it up. I'm too broke to by a new one. I have no tv aside from my Firestick. Here's hoping I don't have to go for a 5 finger discount on a new one!

  19. My firestick over heats massively when using the cable that came with it, much better with a phone charger

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