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Firestick Keep Rebooting / Restarting ??? Is It Crashing??? Try These Fixes

Firestick Keep Rebooting / Restarting ??? Is It Crashing??? Try These Fixes

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  1. Is there something going on,that we the subscribers should be made award of. All of a sudden theFire Sticks are crashing kicking people off. I brought mine several yrs ago now I am having problems,It is Kicking me off. (SOMETHING IS HAPPENING?

  2. Mine started doing this a month ago. I've had my stick for 6 months now, & it had always been plugged into my USB port with no problems. Last month it started continuously rebooting and optimising. I unhooked it from the USB port, & just used an outlet. It rebooted twice. The third time, I guess was a charm, because now it no longer does it. I tried my USB port a couple of days ago just to see if it would work. & it went right back to continuously rebooting. I'm just curious about why it started doing this.

  3. i have put sll those things and it still dose the silly thing I will haft to get a new one thanks eny way

  4. I purchased this OTG cable and this Rii remote. but my fireTv Stick keep rebooting again and again. I use the power plug and not USB powered. Man I found this remote is really helpful but cant live with this problem of rebooting. But when I remove this OTG cable and connect the power directly then it works fine..but cannot use this Rii remote… Any suggestion please. Is it because amazon plug is only 1W? or faulty OTG cable or anything else….? I subscribed 'cause of your accent..thanks heaps..

  5. Thank for the info, after checking your troubleshooting, for me it was the cable. Switched back to the original Amazon cable and also took your advice and used a 2a output adapter and now works perfect. But the any adaptor with greater than 1a output works too, but make sure u r using the Amazon provided cable

  6. Cheers buddie. When you said it was a power issue I looked at the micro USB and it was loose so I bit the end to make a better contact and now it works fine

  7. Thanks, swapped the AC adapter out with my phone charger and back in business. I had a few power outages the past month and think it shorted out the Firestick AC Adapter.

  8. I don’t care about you guys saying we can’t hear that and this blah blah blah, u can clearly see him showing what to do and what to replace, thank you so much I changed the plug and it worked!!!

  9. Can anyone help me. My firstick keeps turning itself off and then come bk on then turn itself off. It's like constant restarting . Please can anyone help me fix this annoying thing

  10. I had an issue with it restarting during setup. I finally realized I had the wrong wifi password- and it was unfake to connect to my network and continually rebooted. To fix it I had to connect it with another wifi network (it would not allow me time to enter the correct password on the original network). After I successfully connected to the alternate network I was able to use Settings to connect to the original network and enter the correct password. Anyway- it worked. Hope it helps someone.

  11. Fucking piece of shit… rip the fucking thing outta the wall and chew it with your fucking teeth until you bleed the fucking thing out … Cock sucking piece of shit… break the go damn thing… punch the fucking thing that’s nail it’s fucking breaking your buckles… then it works fine… piece of fucking shit!!!’

  12. Thanks for the help! Plugged power cord into 2a charger connected to power strip instead of plugging it into usb port on back of TV. Now it works great!

  13. Good vid, i changed the usb adapter plug, the one i was using was only 700mA, and i got a stronger one and fixed.

  14. Sir i have a serious problem with my Firestick 4k. I experimented to sideload google play services on my FS 4k and it installed successfully. But when i restart my device it bootloops on and on to Firestick logo. Any solution sir? Damn i must have not do that. Please sir help me. I think i must hard reset the Firestick 4k but how?

  15. Sir how can i go to RECOVERY MODE in my Firestick 4k so i can hard reset the device. My FS 4K now bootloops because of the Google Play Services that i installed.

  16. I'm not able to switch out the bloody extension because of the design of the t.v….doesn't bloody fit without the extension!

  17. I removed the adapter and plugged the power supply straight into the firestick. After not being able to use this for a few days it was a 5 second fix. Thanks!!!

  18. I removed casing, removed the HDMI extender cable, changed cable, and used a 2.4A ipad charger. Problem solved but not sure how.

  19. you're a fucking retard… if you explain something try to do it right. How you do it , it makes me puke honestly

  20. WOW changing the box to a 2A fixed it… Incredible, I was about to take a baseball bat to my TV. Thank you!!

  21. I called Amazon Service and got a replacement. I had one of my Firesticks since December 2016 and the other one since February 2017. Be patient because u are going to have to go through the troubleshoot process before they offer u a replacement. It also help if u have Amazon Prime Membership. Hope this help someone.

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