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New Streaming App FilmPlus

Brand new streaming app FilmPlus is starting to gain popularity. An app which allows you to stream Movies & TV Shows completely free, but is it really something to get excited about?

We see free streaming apps being taken down quite often and the most recent was the shutdown of TVZion. But, it doesn’t take long to see new apps start to appear and FilmPlus is 1 of them. Is this an app to get excited about?

New Streaming App Film Plus

FilmPlus is an Android application that allows you to watch Movies & TV Shows at no cost to you, previously known as Aquarium TV. Although people may be excited to try the new app, it’s a disappointment to see it’s yet another Terrarium TV clone. Meaning the App will look exactly the same as Cyberflix, CatMouse & Typhoon TV. That being said, this 1 looks a little different with a few added features.

The good thing about this app is it is a good alternative for streamers. The reason being many find that Cyberflix, Typhoon TV etc doesn’t seem to work for them. So although the layout isn’t nothing new, it’s still another option when wanting to stream the latest Movies & TV Shows.

How does it look

Firstly we can take a look at the home screen, and yes it looks very clean with a nice color theme and is easy to navigate. Once again, if you’ve used a Terrarium TV Clone before, you will already know this.


We have tested the app and can tell you it does currently have working links. Another great thing is you can also integrate Real Debrid, Premiumize & Trakt. If you don’t know about Real Debrid we would definitely recommend you checking it out and it will improve your streaming experience a hell of a lot.

FilmPlus App

The process of searching and starting streams is very straight forward and I don’t think we need to bore you telling you how to do that. But at first glance, the new streaming app FilmPlus has a nice look, has the features we use and streams well. That being said, there is 1 thing that may make you decide ‘NOT’ to download FilmPlus.

Extra Features

So we visited the FilmPlus website to find out a little more and it looks like they have gone for a Terrarium TV look because it’s what everybody knows and has a really clean look. They also go on to mention how it’s a little different.

FilmPlus is a relived version of the legendary TerrariumTV with new link scraping technology. Which means FilmPlus is capable of pulling bunch of links for movies and tv shows, both normal and Real-Debrid links.

Settings Options

after looking more into this app, it does seem it’s a brand new hybrid clone. With the Terrarium TV layout and looks, but upon looking at the settings section, it doesn’t have the regular settings we are use to seeing inside the likes of Cyberflix. It actually has the Bee TV settings options, which in ,my opinion is much better as it has some options the other clones are missing.

Turn off Adult

1 of the main features of this app which will make it more appealing for families is the ability to turn adult content on/off. You also have the option to show Real Debrid links only, which is a massive positive for FilmPlus. If you use Real Debrid it’s very unlikely you will use any free links so it’s great to have the option to filter out all the free links and have Real Debrid only.


After testing FilmPlus alongside the likes of CatMouse, FilmPlus seemed to be significantly faster across the board. It has faster load times, more responsive when navigating and feels less bloated. I first came into this thinking oh, another Terrarium clone nobody needs, but now it will certainly be 1 we keep our eye on.

The Disappointing Part

We know developers need to make a revenue to make it worth their while and to cover costs of the servers etc. But 1 of the major downfalls of FilmPlus is the Ads. If adverts are something you find annoying, these could make you delete the app quite quickly. We used the app briefly and found the 30 second non skipable ads intrusive. Ads are ok with users, but I think the app would do much better if it had a mixture of ads and those being ads where you can easily skip.

So although we always recommend using the official version to support developers, it looks like people who decide to use FilmPlus will install the Ad Free version. The only issue if most users use the ad free version is will the app continue to be updated. We will be sure to keep this post upto date and if there are any changes we will be sure to let you know.

Where To Download FilmPlus

The app will be available in most popular FileLinked Stores and we expect to see it added to APK Time at some point in the near future. You can download both FileLinked & APK Time from our Downloads Section, and if you want to know some FileLinked Codes, you will find the most popular ones in our Pin Codes Section.

FilmPlus should be available to download and use on any Android device and the official version can also be downloaded from the website.

We are excited to know your thoughts on this app in the comments section below. Would you use the new streaming app FilmPlus, or are you tired of seeing the same app with a different name?

DISCLAIMER – We do ‘NOT’ know what permissions this website has to distribute the content listed on the website. It maybe worth checking the terms and policies on their website and also the laws on streaming in your region. We don ‘NOT’ condone any form of piracy or distributing content you do not own.

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