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FileLinked Store SHUTDOWN | What can you do next?

FileLinked Store SHUTDOWN | What can you do next?

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  1. All I can do is apologise for this. I know the store I recommend helps a lot of people. But this an issue I didn't see coming. I hope the next step helps you and I will be on the hunt for another trusted/updated store to recommend to you all. The Website is :
    Thank you ??

  2. Nothing gets updated daily not even 15 apks. Most apks you have tell you if their is an update. You need to make sure that on the first of every month everything is updated.

  3. I like the idea of cutting down the number of apps in Filelinked. Pick the most popular/most reliable apps and delete the rest. Thanks for the apk time tip as well.

  4. Good vid big man. Shame about filelinked, understand though. I think ure idea of 10 – 15 links in there is a good one. Im sure everyone will trust ure judgement on which ones to keep!??? enjoy the sun & keep cracking on

  5. Another informative video thanx for this im finding some apps in filelinked not being updated quick enough ? shell try this out later thanx ???

  6. Hi there can u help … my apps on the fire stick is not finding a source and error comes up when selecting something to watch how can I correct this x

  7. Re the hamburger menu reported not working. It's not just the Javascript not being enabled. It's not going to the downloads page and you have to type the full address including the /downloads.

  8. Thx loads for sharing so selflessly with those of us who watch youtubers like you daily for latest news and updates. I wasn't liking your jokes at first, but, this 3 mile one has made me and some of my family really crack up. Keep up the good work. We appreciate and need you here. Cheers!

  9. There's millions of codes so therefore it wont be shutting down maybe the person you use your code is shutting down but I wouldn't worry People lol

  10. Hi could just keep the top trending ones updated on file linked. Ps do we delete file linked altogether and will that affect the apks loaded from there originally?

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