Pin Code List For Filelinked, APK’s and Websites

More and More Apps and Services are requiring Pins to access content. Filelinked in particular is a huge App which requires a pin. But there’s also APK Time and other Apps & websites which require a pin mostly for Adult.

We see Pins updated sometimes daily which makes it a real pain for revisiting and having to find the Pin again. So this page will list numerous different Pin Codes for numerous different App’s/websites.


Filelinked is by far the most used app for Android lovers, but a lot of codes are starting to go down the Pin Code route. There are various reasons why people may put pins on their Filelinked Stores. One is purely so only the people who follow them will know the pin, and people who don’t have to find it. Another reason maybe to get people to sign-up for email subscriptions or notifications. But we are going to eliminate the search time by listing all FileLinked Pin codes below. Read More About Filelinked.

APK Time

APK Time is slowly becoming more popular with it’s third party app store. It allows you to download more apps than any Filelinked Store will offer, and to top it off they are updated daily. But they have Pin Codes for the Adult and Graveyard sections. You can read more about APK Time here.

Other Pin Codes Will Be Added

We will look to see what other App’s and Websites are popular and require Pin Codes. Then we can get them added to the list. Also be sure to reach out to us if you see a pin code which is missing that you would like on there. You can follow us on a few different platforms.

APK Time Pin Codes

Graveyard Section – PIN 1212

Adult Section – PIN 6969

Filelinked Pin Codes

Kevin Porteous is a great source for third party Streaming Apps.

Kevin Porteous – 76705196 PIN:3223

FireTVSticks is a good backup store to have which is updated daily and got all the downloads you need.

FireTVSticks – 71607934

Electrical MD is by far the biggest YouTube when it comes to this genre. With over 1 million Subscribers makes it the most followed channel in this category. He has an awesome Filelinked store which is kept upto date with all the latest versions of apps.

Electrical MD – 85810914 – No longer requires a PIN

Newtechevolution is another Youtuber with a huge audience. His channel has close to 500k Subscribers which is a big following. Newtech Filelinked is the most popular and well known code used by millions no doubt. Chances are if you’re looking for an app you can’t find, it will be here.

Newtechevolution – 22222222 – PIN Code 9898

Stream and Tech Now is a growing channel with great content. Extremely helpful videos and probably the Best Filelinked Store. With a huge catalogue of App’s for you to install. We would say if we had to choose a store which was best for all users, it would be Stream and Tech Now Filelinked Store.

Stream and Tech Now – 51829986

NxtLvlTech is another YouTuber which has a very popular Fileinked Store. Listing all the latest apps, and in some cases listing apps that you don’t find anywhere else.

NxtLvlTech – 11039868 – PIN Code 3000

Want to see any other Pins for Filelinked Stores, Apps, Websites and more listed? simply Follow us and get in touch

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