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Electrical MD YouTube Shutdown. With Over 1 Million Subscribers.

Electrical MD YouTube Channel just got Shutdown. YouTube have strict policies now and they don’t hesitate to punish people not sticking top the guidelines. Electrical MD YouTube Shutdown. With Over 1 Million Subscribers.

A sad time for streamers right now after seeing the takedown of the Electrical MD YouTube Channel, But was it expected? YouTube have strict policies for content creators and for those not following the guidelines, well let’s just say they get punished. We usually see warnings before a YouTube channel is terminated, but not today.

Although Electrical MD had a huge following it doesn’t make him exempt from following the YouTube guidelines. In recent months we have seen several streaming apps, services and YouTube channels targeted. Which makes it obvious they are really cracking down on things when it comes to streaming.

Although many say that streaming is a grey area, this is just another reason to believe it isn’t. But we don’t know what license the apps have to distribute the content they do. That should ultimately be up to the app developer, or the end user to check the terms and policies for streaming. This is one reason we always tell users to use a vpn. We have Free and Premium vpn’s available in our Downloads Section, Or a huge discount off IPVanish Here!

Why Was Electrical MD Shutdown

The Electrical MD YouTube Channel has been shutdown due to community strikes. The interesting thing about community strikes is that it’s not for copyright, but directly from YouTube. So this isn’t from a report from broadcasters, shareholders etc of copyright, it’s because the channel is breaching community guidelines.

The Channel was based purely on Streaming Apps and Kodi, which although many see it as a grey area it’s still risky. With no other content on the channel and full install guides it left the channel vulnerable.

A year or so ago you would see a tonne of YouTubers pumping out content regarding streaming apps and Kodi. but there’s a reason creators are starting to mix their channels up. There are now only a select few channels who do the same content constantly like Electrical MD.

Will Electrical MD be back?

Electrical MD has setup a new YouTube Channel under the same name with the same content. This indicates he is slowly coming back, but we don’t expect him to stay around long. We saw the same with a Kodi YouTuber who tried setting up channels with the same content after being Shutdown, but YouTube are always watching.

It’s likely Electrical MD will have his new channel shutdown very soon. With the content being duplicates of the videos from the terminated channel, it’s obvious they will be flagged again. So although we see him trying to make a comeback, nobody can say how long it will last.

If you would like to continue following Electrical MD he has now setup a new YouTube channel. VISIT ELECTRICAL MD YOUTUBE HERE!


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