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Dream TV Is No Longer Working And Here's Why

Dream TV Is No Longer Working And Here's Why

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Hey adam did you see footy last night was good match 🙂 lot apks seem to be playing up lately

  2. Any help i brought a 95 max tv box i try i try install live net tv it downloads and installs when i open it crashes and wont open any ideas how to fix it

  3. What a shame, I’m in Thailand and Dream TV dragged better (closer I guess) links, will try Titanium again, anyone else in Thailand have more success with another App ??

  4. Having only just tried Cyberflix – all thanks to you – I've found it to be very good & managed to find almost all thing's I've searched for.
    Just one thing though – "Ti tanium"…aaaaargggh as a Yorkshireman & not a Yank – it's pronounced "Tit anaium."?

  5. Ckay TV has gone dog shit as well, I know it's free but when it did work the picture is far better than my paid IPTV

  6. Cyberflix did go dogshit, but……BUT, fo me anyway, its back to its best…. all for free!???

  7. I deleted all the terrarium clones yesterday. I have been using Kodi exclusively for the last few months anyway. The only two Terrarium clones that actually still work well are BeeTV and Cinema HD. Cyberflix, Dream TV, Typhoon TV, and Titanium TV all work like garbage now. I tried them all yesterday and I was not getting any good quality real debrid links and since I hadn't been using them in months anyway I deleted them just to clear up space on my Nvidia Shield.

  8. Thanks for everything, Adam. Quick question: Trying to use Nox on my firestick and it doesn't work. I've even tried switching to the mouse toggle and I can't click anything on it. Thoughts?

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