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Downloader Removed From Amazon App Store

Today (May 15th 2021), people have started to find that when searching for Downloader in the Amazon App Store, it’s no longer there. But there is still an easy way to install it and not have to sideload to a Firestick using the likes of Apps2Fire.

Downloader Removed From Amazon App Store

Amazon & Google have always tried to stop users being able to download third party apps on their devices. We saw it with Puffin TV, Downloader was removed from Android TV devices, now we are seeing it with Downloader on Firestick. But it’s not really anything to worry about at the moment as there is still an fast, easy method to install Downloader on your device.

Downloader was also removed from the Amazon Store back in 2016 but was added back shortly after. Hopefully we will see it back on the main app store shortly.

How To Install Downloader On Firestick

It’s still very easy to install Downloader on Amazon devices like the Firestick or Fire TV Cube. Here’s a quick video showing how to do it.


  1. AFTVNews Downloader isn’t removed from the Amazon App Store. Just using the term “downloader” is insufficent, because using the single word “downloader” is too generic a term that wouldn’t normally find a specifc app. Using the full name of the app “AFTNews Downloader” will bring up the proper app.

  2. Have you considered making a list for “Downloader” codes. This could help people like me that are not tech savvy. Thanks for what you do.

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