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Downloader Not Working On Firestick / Fire TV Devices

So many are coming across the issue of Downloader not working on Firestick / Fire TV Devices. But there are a few simple fixes that will get it working perfectly. Fixes and guides will follow.


Downloader is by far a must when it comes to loading third party apps onto Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube etc. it’s a simple web browser which allows you to download and install apps direct from websites. But the more Downloader is used, the more people start to come across problems. So today we will fix all issues you may be experiencing with Downloader Not Working properly.

Fix Downloader Not Working

We will leave a video further down the post which you may find more helpful!

Downloader Error Connection

A very common problem users experience is “An unknown error has occured. Check your URL and connection”. This error is usually because you haven’t allowed Downloader permissions when first launching the app.

Allow Permissions

  • Settings
  • applications
  • Manage installed applications
  • Find Downloader and click it
  • Now Clear Data
  • When launching Downloader again make sure to Allow Permissions

Enable JavaScript

Another problem can be JavaScript isn’t enabled in Downloader.

  • Launch Downloader
  • Go to settings on the left hand side
  • You will see JavaScript at the bottom
  • Click it and click OK
  • You will now see a ticked box to the right of JavaScript

Website Menu Not Working

Downloader Menu not working

People have been experiencing problems with the Hamburger Menu not opening inside Downloader. There is a pretty simple fix for this too.

  • When on the Website you would like to use click the 3 Line Button in the top right corner (or click the button on your Firestick Control)
  • Then you will see Full Screen Mode
  • Click it and it will show you the desktop view of the site, so now you will see the full menu.

Android Phones, Android Boxes etc

Downloader is designed more for Amazon Devices. Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube etc. If you are using an android box for instance, you will use a regular web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer etc. Our favourite is Puffin TV which is a great android TV browser available in our Downloads Section.

Watch The Video Of All The Fixes!

Find Useful Apps & Tools in our Download Section

You can find a bunch of useful apps and tools for your device in our downloads section. Tools, Media Players, apk stores and much more.


  1. Error: No connection

    This can also be caused by misspelling the web address. For example missing the E off of aptoide (aptoid)

  2. My problem with downloader is when I try to get filelinked an ad for some Windows Server comes up. I can’t get to the install page. Also in settings apps manage when I launch downloader there’s no permission page. Thanks for your help.

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