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Download From Firestick to USB

This is my latest video from the Free Tech YouTube Channel, this video is Download From Firestick to USB.

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Download From Firestick to USB

Download From Firestick to USB Description and Links

Here’s how you can download from Firestick direct to a usb or external storage device. Expand memory on Firestick for a better experience. SANDISK USB – OTG CABLE – QUAD VPN (upto 55%OFF) : BECOME A MEMBER To Support The Channel – Follow this link to join – ****** RECOMMENDED VPNs ****** IPVanish (upto 57% OFF) : QUAD VPN (upto 55%OFF) : Express VPN : Nord VPN (upto 75% OFF) : Hidden Vpn Router : ****** SOCIAL LINKS ****** FACEBOOK – TWITTER – SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL – DISCORD – Website – Email – [email protected] ****** RECOMMENDED ANDROID TV BOXES ****** NVIDIA SHIELD – AMAZON FIRESTICK 4K – MECOOL KM3 – MECOOL KM9 – BEELINK GT KING – H96 MINI BLUE – H96 MAX – H96 MAX X2 – T95Q – ****** AMAZON LINKS ****** 30 DAY PRIME MUSIC TRIAL – 30 DAY PRIME VIDEO TRIAL – 30 DAY PRIME TRIAL – ****** TO MAKE A DONATION ****** Visit Here – ————————————————————————————————————- Intro Music : Alex Skrindo & Miza – Thinkin’ [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Track: Coopex – Over The Sun [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream: *************************************************** Disclaimer : We do not host or own any content. Videos are educational purposes only. Streaming laws vary depending on your location, please check and understand your local laws to avoid any offence. Free Tech holds no responsibility for any legal issues, technical issues or damages during any flashing. You follow our tutorials at your own risk. ***************************************************
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  1. “Kids, what does the chicken give you?”


    “Very good! Now what does the pig give you?”


    “Great! And what does the fat cow give you?”


  2. Pubs are open again Saturday so my best solution is to hand over my firestick to the student/barman to set it up and get it back Monday teatime. It'll cost me a pint tho' but what you do?

  3. My Firestick's gone from ding dangly doo dogs bollox to ding dangly doodoo dog sh!t I'm afraid. I carefully installed everything as per the video and though it (kind of) works it's been a bit of a nightmare.
    From relatively small differences in the installation of things to my 2nd gen Firestick crashing (going off and restarting on its own) many times, something it's never done before.
    First off, giving permissions to ADM – I never got the permission option – same with ES File Explorer. I got them working in the end but more by accident than by design. I still can't find a permissions option anywhere. I got rid of about a Gb worth of apps from the Firestick memory to free up space and hopefully make it smoother – but it didn't make the slightest difference
    Downloading is very hit and miss too. Many things end up with a message saying something like 'cannot play that file' – that is even if it downloads at all.
    I've also found that my VPN (Nord VPN) is absolute dogstuff too – not as a result of this this though – I just noticed it because of this. My normal speed is something around 70mbps out of the router . That reduces to around 50mbps via an extender. WIth the VPN activated, I'm lucky if I get 15mbps and on the odd occasion I get a succesful download, it shows in ADM as downloading at less than 2mbps.
    Beforehand I was toying with the idea of getting an Android box like the X96 which Adam raved about. But sadly I thought I'd stay with the Firestick as up to now it's been quite outstanding. I'm really sorry I went this way now. I spent in excess of 12 hours yesterday trying it out and trying to figure out what's causing the problems – and I'm no wiser.
    All the bits and bobs except the extenders, which are the BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000 Powerline Adapters, I got were via the Amazon links on the 'Turn your Firestick into a beast' video so none of this is a compatibility issue. It's definitely turned mine into a beast though – a sick beast which I'm considering having put down. Well either that or having its ding dangly doos crushed between 2 housebricks!
    Still love the videos though – there's nothing out there that make me PMLMAO quite like them!

  4. The firestick has the worst wifi ive ever tried, no wonder they are flogging these for 20 quid. Make sure you get yourself a ethernet cable dongle.

  5. I have a question that has nothing to do with this topic… I'm subscribed to Amazon prime with HBO & CINEMAX but for some reason on this used firestick i just bought my hbo and cinemax are not on the "live" section of my firestick… is there any way to fix this? Tia

  6. Hi Adam I followed every step with you I was able to download fine , but when I go to es explorer as card is showing up click into download folder but it is empty. Finally found the file it was in local drive in ADM folder. What have I done wrong 😲

  7. I appreciate your tutorials , very informative and I have subscribed ….I am about to update my TV from 55'' to 65'' (old eyes) and I would like your
    opinion as to the better option of either using a firestick (or similar) or purchasing a branded ANDROID TV ….I am looking for ease of operation
    not only for me but mainly for my disabled wife…..BTW I am in Australia (54 years now) where are you from.

  8. Hi adam, would you have to do anything different with the fire cube? It worked fine with my firestick? But not with the cube, it wouldn't bring up the sandisk in recent.

  9. Works great! Thanks for a very useful tutorial! I've been trying to figure that our for over a year. I enjoy watching your vids because you know what you're doing and seem to have a good time sharing it! Keep on…

  10. Hey got a quick question. What is up with IMDB TV and AT HOME apps? When you choose the show or movie it keeps returning you to your choice main screen. It wont let you in to watch the show

  11. Hi

    Now then I set up my new 4k fire stick with the otg cables 32gb pen drive etc , First use Brill was able to download save and move apps on the the USB cracking,,

    However went to load KODI which I had downloaded to the USB,, and the computer says no,, the firestick does not even recognize its connected internal memory yes, external no ???

    Any help would be grest !,,, love the site Crack on

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