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DO NOT USE SHOWBOX | Here Are The Reasons Why It's Dying & Why Not To Use It

DO NOT USE SHOWBOX | Here Are The Reasons Why It's Dying & Why Not To Use It

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  1. There really is so many videos I could make about Showbox. But I really hate droning on about things lol. Go and try out a different app and see if it works for you. As I think Showbox will soon be an app nobody uses.
    What are your thoughts? | What app do you prefer to Showbox? | Which app supports casting? | Which app performs the best for you?

  2. Showbox works great at the minute, which is more than I can say for Cinema HD which is inundated with ads, when it actually work. Can't access any TV shows and although movies will populate can t play them with any player. Perhaps it s me, but used to work great. ?

  3. I've tried other apps but love the fact showbox shows you when new episodes are their. Other apps dont seem to do that is their another app that does this thanks

  4. I've recently got cyberflix in my opinion its better than showbox but you kinda have to adjust the settings a bit wich can be a bit of a hassle but once you figure everything out it works great.

  5. I agree, I stopped using Showbox ages ago. I use CyberFlix instead it contains more movies and TV shows. Plus limited ads. It is a lot better than ShowBox

  6. Showbox was one of the best APK's around because it was reliable. You could always count on it for great quality movies and tv shows. When other APK's didnt have the movies you wanted or had low quality movies, you could go to showbox. I personally like it because I can pause a movie, let it buffer for about 2 minutes, then start it and the movie will play through with absolutely no buffering. I cant find another APK that does that. My showbox is still working so far, I will use it until it forces me to update or just stops working. I do hope someone creates another APK just like showbox.

  7. You have been saying rubbish about Showbox for ages & just giving us new apps that are rubbish & you probably make money from , you say about these new apps but most of them don’t work half the day , example CYBERFLIX it only works 11.30pm to 6.00am GMT & the same with so many apps you said to try , Showbox has changed yes but it’s still the best , then Cartoon HD & yes CYBERFLIX the few hrs in the day it works just because of the cinema films , which also SHOWBOX are even starting to play if they have a perfect copy , what is it with SHOWBOX & you ? come on it’s still the best App out there , just own it M8

  8. Why did the hermaphrodite suffocate??? She chocked on Adams apple!! I called the Dr worried and upset I had a crack in my ass he said its lad let's crack on ???????

  9. All these apps that you have said about and I can't find any of them. All I seem to get are con sites that put you from link to link ending up with 3 or 4 tabs open and then they want you to register a credit card or buy something to confirm your not a bot. Either that or I get error 404 site not Found. Can you put up links to the downloads of the apps you recommend to make it easy for us older none technical idiots. Thanks.

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