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Dize TV a New Free Streaming Site

Dize TV is a Free Streaming website which offers a hell of a lot of content. What’s even better is it’s ad free and plays back awesome with no sign-up needed, but let’s explain more about Dize TV a new free streaming app.

As many of you may know, there was a site taken down recently called Nites TV. Yes Dize.TV is a clone of that website, and works exactly the same.

Why is Dize TV Good?

Dize TV

The thing that makes this website so appealing is that it’s totally Ad Free. Now I’m sure it won’t stay that way forever, but at the time of writing this post there are zero. When visiting other Free websites for Movies & TV Shows you will find they are completely rammed with Ads. Every time you try to watch something it will open numerous different tabs containing adverts. This website has none of that hassle and it’s a case of click on the content you want to watch, and it starts instantly.

Another great positive using is that it’s used on a web browser, this means it can be used on any device with ease. Whether it be Android, Firestick, Iphone, Phone, PC etc.

Is Dize.TV Safe

Because this is a clone of the website we don’t know if the developer is genuine or if it will be used as a way of collecting information about you. There’s no denying that the runs awesome but it’s unlikely we get this sort of content without any benefit to a developer. We also noticed the Free Tech YouTube Channel has been getting spammed with the website, which indicates bots. So if you were to use this website a VPN is strongly recommended while also using the incognito tab in your browser.

We also saw Nites TV was taken down by ACE, we will leave that post below. So it’s hard to believe this website will be running for longer than a month.

Why Nites.TV Was Shutdown

How To Watch Dize TV

It really is as simple as opening up a web browser on your device and visiting the website You will see the site load up and that’s it, you find whatever content it is you’d like to stream and you’re set.

On Firestick I would recommend using Silk browser which is available in the Amazon App Store for free. You can also bookmark the site to quickly access in future.

What Do You Think

I am always interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on any Apps or sites used. So be sure to comment at the bottom of this post and let us know your thoughts.


I have to start by saying we don’t know what permissions or licenses Dize.TV has to stream the content which it does. We also found that no terms or policies are listed on their website. So be sure to stay anonymous when streaming you use a VPN. This will hide your location from websites you connect to allowing your information to stay private.

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