Dad Jokes

I know a lot of you who watch my YouTube videos are also fans of the awful dad jokes. So I got an app made called Crackin Dad Jokes, just for fun. I’ll also start putting a few jokes on this page, just to try and make you chuckle.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store on mobile. simply search Crackin Dad Jokes or use the button below.

I also had the app made for people who may want to use it on devices like Android boxes, Amazon Firesticks, basically any other streaming device. You can download the Android TV version below.

Now Let's Tell A Few Jokes Here

I know a lot of the jokes aren’t what some of you find funny. But dad jokes are the best in my opinion and I like the fact you can tell most of them to family and friends. It’s just a way of me trying to cheer up your day, and a way for you to maybe cheer up somebody elses.

My mate got his eyelids burnt off.
They used his foreskin to repair them but he slowly went cockeyed.

What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?


My friend lost his ear in an accident and had to have a pigs ear transplanted on.
I asked him if it was working ok….

He said, “It’s fine apart from a bit of crackling!”

My teacher told me I’d never be good at poetry because I’m dyslexic.

But so far I’ve made three jugs and a vase and they’re lovely.

My wife says I only have two faults…

I don’t listen, and something else!

What is the scariest thing to read in braille?

“Do not touch.”

2 packets of crisps walking down the street. I asked if they needed a lift.

They replied “No thanks, we’re Walkers”

Let's Crack On
Enjoy your day!
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