Custom Launcher On Firestick

Since Amazon released the updated interface, you may have found it’s not quite what you want and you prefer how it looked before. Well there’s a few options and adding a custom launcher is 1. So we will show you how to add a custom launcher on Firestick, and get your Amazon device looking how you want it.

What Is A Custom Launcher

Whatever device you are using, what you see is a launcher. For instance you have a Firestick and the default launcher is Amazons own. So basically it determines how your Firestick looks and it’s basically the interface.

Why A Custom Launcher Is Better

Some like to change how their device looks or don’t like all the suggested content shown on the default launcher. You can remove all this and make it more personalised by adding a custom launcher on Firestick. You can customise it how you want and it just makes it look very clean. I personally like the Amazon Launcher, but if you want to try something a little different, then this post is for you.

How To Add Custom Launcher On Firestick

Below is a video sowing how you can download and install different launchers to your device. The most popular at the moment is Wolf Launcher, but for a very basic look TV Launcher is also very useful and very easy to use.

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