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Clean Up Unwanted Storage On Your Device With 1 Of These 4 Apps

Clean Up Unwanted Storage On Your Device With 1 Of These 4 Apps

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  1. Speaking of cleaners…Lord FreeTech has a live in Polish Cleaner!!! Posh so and so!!!…Stick with me son..I'll make you famous or get you imprisoned in a Turkish jail…lol

  2. There are no cache cleaners that work by default on a 4k firestick. The only way Ive been able to get them to work is by connecting to the 4k firestick via its ip address from a ADB debugging command prompt window on my PC and change the root access of the device. Please do not tell people that cache cleaners are working on the 4k firestick by default.

  3. Nice work buddy.
    No more firsts from me I've set a challenge in the discord group so go over and take a look subscribers ?

  4. Nice one for putting SD maid on your store, will you be doing updates? I do use other stores but you're the one I trust. Cheers.

  5. Well the one thing I've now learned is that even though ES Downloader was telling me I had 0% needing to be cleaned up, my apps all had Caches that needed clearing. Too bad there doesn't seem to be a quick way of doing it. So I have gone into each app individually (in "Manage Installed Applications") and cleared the caches. My used internal storage has now dropped from 77% to 55% just from clearing caches.

  6. AVG-built in cache-cleaner is good. Go AVG-Android Version….This has the cache cleaner come up after you've scanned your device (after every usage if you want to keep it safe & clean). Also, if you sometimes install an APK, it will pop up to clean some junk before completing installation….Hope this helps some of you guys….

  7. Most of the time I go into Manage Applications and clear the cache from the Apps that I use the most. You can also use ES File Explore to clean your Fire Stick, you can get it from Amazon, but you will need Mouse Toggle or just get a Bluetooth mouse or a Air mouse.

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