Clean Up All Unwanted Data / Cache On Your Device | NOX Cleaner

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  1. Your jokes suck, but that is just me being a grouchy old bastard. Thanks for all of your hard work. Your channel is one of the best on your subject.

  2. Most cleaners tell lies about how much they're doing. Nox on Android smartphone triggered a play protect warning when I downloaded it. SD maid is top notch, always does exactly what it says.

  3. Hey there, I can get it all the way to the "clean" page but when I use the mouse toggle, and click "clean", it doesn't do anything. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? Thanks!

  4. Thanks ADAM. Much appreciated brother. I have been using C Cleaner but it hasn't been clearing out files the way it should. Says files are cleaned then rescan and the files that were just cleaned are still there. Keep the content coming. Hope you enjoy your weekend brother

  5. Hiya FreeTech, just installed it on the shield and seems to be working well,gonna put it on the 4k firestick as well, P.S. love the jokes keep em coming.

  6. says cache cleared but when i checked the apps in settings the cache was still there and i had to do it manually ray usa
    upland ca thank you for your video's you are the only one i watch


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