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Change Netflix Button To Something Else On Nvidia Shield

A lot of people who own the new Shield TV don’t find the Netflix button as useful as developers thought. But what if we told you, you can remap the Netflix button to launch anything you want? Let’s show you how to change Netflix Button to something else on Nvidia Shield.

Everybody was super excited for the release of the new Nvidia Shield TV and the new design of the remote. But most people don’t feel the need for a dedicated Netflix Button. Although the text on the button will stay the same, you can change the function of that button. You can launch any app you want, including YouTube, Hulu, third party apps, ANYTHING. Another huge plus is that you can have 3 functions for the same button.

  • Short Press
  • Long Press
  • Double Press

Each of the above actions can launch separate apps.

So now let’s take a look at how to remap the Netflix Button on the Nvidia Shield Remote, or any button on the remote for that matter. When learning to repurpose buttons on your remote, it just makes things much smoother and faster. The same process can be used on other Android boxes also. So Chinese Boxes, USB Remotes, Bluetooth Remotes etc, can all have buttons customized. Just follow the exact same process as seen below.

Change Netflix Button On Nvidia Shield

This process is easier than you would have ever thought, and will be using an app called Button Mapper. It’s a simple tool which allows you to program buttons on your remote to act differently. So this isn’t just for the Netflix Button! You can remap the Home Button, Menu Button, etc.

First of all you want to launch the Google Play Store on your Shield TV. Then simply type in the Search “Button Mapper”. Click and install as shown below.

Change Netflix Button On Nvidia Shield

Once installed you can now open Button Mapper and we can customize the Netflix Button on your Nvidia Shield Remote. When opening the App you will be greeted with an opening screen like below.

Button Mapper

Scroll down and click on Add Buttons. Then you can choose any button on your remote to remap.

Remap Buttons on Nvidia Shield

Now when clicking Add Button again it will wait for you to select a button you want to customize. In this case you would click the Netflix Button. It will then come up with the number of the button then a random number beneath it. This is normal and now you want to click on that button you just created and customize the settings.

Add Buttons on Button Mapper

Now you will see the different functions you can create for each button. You can have as many as 3 per button using the different actions. Click on Single tap and choose the App you would like it to launch and that’s it done. Now when you click the Netflix button it will launch the App you selected in Button Mapper.

We also have a video tutorial you can follow on our YouTube Channel. This will also show you how to change Netflix Button. See Video Below.

Remap Buttons On Android Boxes

You can also use the same steps as above for Chinese Android Boxes or USB/Bluetooth Remotes. This can be very useful as sometimes certain buttons don’t work like the back button.

You can always follow us on YouTube to find out different tips, tricks and fixes for all streaming devices. I hope this guide helped you change Netflix Button to something else on Nvidia Shield and I can guarantee it makes everything so simple and fast. Go ahead and follow us on all our Social Medei Links Below!

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