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CatMouse 1.6 Update

CatMouse 1.6. The Terrarium TV Clone seems to be taking over the streaming world right now. It really is the only app most people are wanting. It’s even claimed to be better than the likes of Cyberflix TV, Titanium TV and other competitors. So now you want to know how to install the CatMouse update?

Catmouse apk download

Change Log

Version 1.6

  • Added many more new free TV/Movies sources – Thanks Cyber

Version 1.5

  • Find subtitles for internal video player

Version 1.4

  • Added more TV Show sources!
  • Changed the minimum of resolving sources!
  • Please skip really small 4K/1080p new movie links. They will most likely be an AD video from Cyberflix to install their application.

Click Here For The CatMouse Update Install Guide

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Imprtant notice

IMPORTANT: When installing third party apps to your device it’s recommended to use a VPN. This allows you to hide your IP Address so nobody can see what you are viewing. It also allows region locked content and more links to show. Visit the Best VPN for Android Devices. Official Site

Legal Notice

Legal Notice: The streaming apps and covered on the LCO website may include copyrighted content. Users should only use these app’s to access media that falls under Public Domain status and is not protected by copyright. We do not condone any form of Piracy or streaming content you do not own. We also do not know what license this specific apk may have or not have. Please check these details before you use any APPS. Please check your countries laws regarding content owners and rights for streaming

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