Can Your Internet Service Provider See You ?? IP Vanish Have A Special Offer

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  1. IP VANISH SPECIAL OFFER Check It Out Here :


    I just want to say it was hard for me to make this video as I don't want people thinking I'm trying to get sales or scare mongering to do so. This is just from information gathered and wanted to let subscribers know and make the decision for themselves . It may never happen , you may never get an email , but it just goes to prove they can see.
    Anyway I hope you all stay safe and have a great Christmas.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work and all best to you and ya family merry Christmas ?

    What’s the difference between a camera and a sock?
    A camera takes photos and a sock takes 5 ??

  3. Just thought it worth a mention. I decided on a one month subscription to IP Vanish as I use IPTV. Apart from it being so simple to use it's a great product. Just be aware it doesn't work on 1st generation Firestick, as I found to my cost. However, a week ago, I was asked by IP Vanish to review it so far. I ended up with a further 12 months subscription for nowt, zilch, zip, zero. Happy days. Not saying it will happen for everyone, but worth a try. It's simple and effective.

  4. Slightly off topic freetech, but you supplied a link to an alternative IPTV provider??!. Cable guy proving awesome, but I follow not working and email support taking well over 24 hours to respond.

  5. Sure, go for IPVanish if you don’t care about your personal information. Best speed on the market but would you trade a few Mbps for your personal info?

    If you do, you should be aware of that IPVanish actually keep and stores (probably even share, sell, trade etc) YOUR PERSONAL DATA/INFORMATION.

    Even after IPVanish confirmed that they had deleted — as I requested — anything that allowed me to be directly or indirectly identified, like name, birthdate, physical and IP address , payment details and so on. (The request also included automated personal data and encompass pseudonymised data if I as a person could be identified from it), you’d think that they’d follow GDOR.

    So, do you think that IPVanish honored that request? No. They still keep tabs and only god knows what else and for how long.

    FYI IPVanish and StrongVPN are pretty much the same company.


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