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Budget VPN Router From Liberty Shield

Budget VPN Router From Liberty Shield

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  1. Love my liberty shield router using virgin 350 mbps and bt mini connectors does the job when epl block out is active no buffering and its the cheap one

  2. Another great video, sir!
    The budget Hidden Router will be coming out mid-May, with an exclusive video review by Free Tech, and will support VPN speeds when connected over WiFi at around 120Mbps, and when connected over LAN – at around 220Mbps. We expect the launch introductory price to be around $100, with regular price at $149.

    Thank you!
    Hidden Router Team

  3. Good video. So Let's Crack On. Let me ask you something can you use any other vpn service with this router or do you have to use there vpn service?????

  4. Hi Freetech when you use a speed test notice that it is in mega bits ps not megabyte Massive difference. Mbps small b is bits MBps large b is megabytes. But you prob already been told or already know it's just a slip of the tongue like most even isp say megabyte ok now let's crack on

  5. Sorry mate.. got the answer to your joke as "REV". But, what was the question? What do you call ??? on a moped? Got to know. I'm from NY but got stuck on your "Australian" accent — please forgive me. Love the [hearty] laugh though!

  6. Thanks for the info on the rooter, just wondering about all the adds lately, are they coming from you or is the Tube putting them in, inquiring minds want to know.

  7. If you have 1 also please leave an honest opinion on the device. I think there will be much better options in the near future personally. But if it does the job. Let me know

  8. Been using this on and off for over 2yrs now but only when epl block is on and it does drop speeds drastically…… since changing to an isp who Don't block I hardly ever plug it in. You can also set up a vpn on your mobile phone/device using your login details which comes in handy if using free WiFi anywhere.

  9. Been using LibertyShield for 3mths now, mixed experience so far. First month or so was fine; had both the VPN router and normal router running together harmoniously. Then, the Virgin router suddenly refused to recognise and assign an IP to the VPN router from its DHCP table, which was a tad annoying. If this happens to anyone else, you need to revert your router to its base ‘modem mode’, disabling the router as a WiFi Access Point. This works fine, but a consequence is that you lose access to dual WiFi APs (native Virgin router alongside VPN)

    All my devices now connect to the VPN AP. I find no issues whatsoever with speed and can easily stream 4K over WiFi. The only bugbear would be the strength of the WiFi radio – it’s a bit weak and probably half the strength of the native router. Something to consider, but workarounds are readily available. LibertySheild’s support IS first class – I got a response literally within minutes, and it’s a piece of piss to amend your VPN when you sign in. Finally, yes – they don’t charge you at all for the first month. That only happens if you decide to keep the thing.

    Would I recommend it? I would actually. Yes had couple of teething problems, but I KNOW that’s Virgin pissing around – nothing to do with LibertyShield. Hope that helps buddy ?

  10. Hmm, I tried it about a year ago..DNS leaks and PPTP and L2TP only…Not sure if they've added OpenVPN support now, that and their a UK based provider so I wouldn't really trust their privacy waffle tbh.

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