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  1. Vids seem cool bit lost on Tec stuff ..Im plug n play or plug n lost…
    Loved showbox just can't come to grips with others I got t tv ,mediabox ,cyberflop..
    Just a question I had a app track my shows ,that with showbox was perfect pair.. but it sort of updates but can't add anything new?? Do you no this app ,tried others and again none as easy or good as this…
    And finaly a joke for you….
    Hickory dickory dock
    2mice ran up the clock
    The clock struck1
    And the other came away with minor injuries….

  2. Sorry I forgot to ask you…….
    Can you name the most common owl in Britain ??

    Are you still thinking ?

    Give up ??

    Its the TEAT

  3. I hit the filelinked codes update and it is asking me for email and password so i put mine in and it wont allow

  4. Can you add the version of apks to the names provided in the download section? that will be helpful before downloading.

  5. Can you please put up a step by step video on how to put VPN on enigma2 boxes, stalker client boxes/ app and smart iptv app – please

  6. Ok… should I uninstall the filelinked and mixplayer??? Then go through this because having problems with the filelinked

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