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Best Websites For Movies & TV Shows

It seems a lot of people prefer to use actual websites to stream content online. Today we will show you the best websites for Movies and TV Shows!

Best Websites for Movies and TV Shows

As many of us know APK’s are great but can be quite unreliable. You also have the job of updating the Apps to make sure they work as they should. Websites eliminate the need to update Apps and install anything onto your device. So let’s see the best websites for Movies and TV Shows.

1 thing worth noting is that websites are usually filled with spam and malware. So it’s important to be covered by a VPN to keep any information about you private.


1 thing you need to look out for when using websites of this nature is the amount of popups you will encounter. Make sure when a new window opens you close it and go back to the original site. Some sites can pop-up as many as 5 windows before opening an actual stream.

NOTE: I don’t tend to use websites personally anymore as I think Kodi is the best way to stream. But this list has been created from a range of votes.

Best Websites For Movies & TV Shows

No.1 m4uhd

m4uhd is pretty well known and use to be one of the best Kodi add-ons for free content. The website doesn’t contain as much spam as most others and gives great quality streams. It also has a very similar layout to what we used to see with Putlocker.

Where to find m4uhd website? simply open up your web browser and type When the website opens you will see you can browse categories, but I found it to be better to just search.

No.2 Flixtor

Flixtor is a new 1 to me but found it to be 1 of the easiest sites to use in terms of playing content. You don’t come accross many ads at all, but the quality isn’t the best in the world.

Where to find Flixtor website? You can type Flixtor into the Google search or a working url at the moment is and that will go there directly.

No.3 Musichq

MusicHQ is 1 I never knew about but came up quite frequently. This has pretty much zero ads but the quality isn’t the best. A great way to watch something fast.

Just type Musichq in Google and select the .net url.

No.4 Fmovies

Fmovies is another 1 you can try. Pretty much the same as all the above and another alternative you can try. Once again type Fmovies into Google Search and you will see the sites come up.

No.5 PrimeWire

PrimeWire is another popular name, which can also be found in KokoTime. Granted there are a lot of ads and popups but it’s another way to watch content.


Now there are a tonne more out there you can use like Putlocker, 123Movies, GoStream etc. But the amount of pop-ups on these sites were mega, and to be honest it felt almost impossible to get a stream playing.

If you know of any others not mentioned, leave a comment below and let us know.

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