Best Filelinked Codes June 2021

Filelinked has become the best way to install streaming apps to android devices, but what are the best codes to use and which are kept up to date? Each month we post the best pins you can use, and today we will show you the best Filelinked codes June 2021.

Best Filelinked Codes June 2021

What Is Filelinked

Filelinked is an android app most commonly used on streaming devices like Firestick, Android TV boxes such as Nvidia Shield, MECOOL, Xiaomi Mi Box, etc. All you need to do is install Filelinked to your device and then enter a pin from below and it o pens an app store with mostly streaming apps you wouldn’t usually find in official stores. I will tell you how you can install Filelinked a little futrther down the post, but you can download it from our downloads section.

Keep Apps Updated

Quickly before we talk about the best Filelinked codes June 2021, you should make sure your streaming apps are kept updated. We have an updates section which is updated regular to tell you what streaming apks have been updated and what the newest version is. It’s recommended to keep apps updated so the app works as it should and you don’t have issues finding links/streams.

Best Filelinked Codes June 2021

Here are the best Filelinked Codes June 2021. They all have streaming apps inside so whether you want apps for Free Live TV, Sports, Free Movies or Free TV Shows, all codes shown will have them. These are also trusted sources, meaning the apps inside should be clean and safe to use. We will list the 5 best Filelinked codes per month as that will be more than enough for you. You can also find the pins next to each of the Filelinked codes if required. If any of the pins are changed, this post will be updated to the correct pin.

TIP: When using 3rd party streaming apps it’s recommended you use a vpn. These types of apps are unofficial so it’s always best to keep safe by keeping your info hidden. See recommended vpn below.

Best Filelinked Codes

  • 76705196 – (pin 3223) Kevin Porteus Filelinked
  • 22222222 – (pin 9898) Newtechevolution Filelinked
  • 85810914 – ElectricalMD Filelinked
  • 51829986 – Stream and Tech Now Filelinked
  • 56001333 – Free Tech Filelinked

At the moment those are the best Filelinked Codes June 2021. Yes there are multiple different codes you can use, but these stores will have everything you need.

How To Install Filelinked

We will be using Downloader to install Filelinked on your Firestick. If you’re using a device that doesn’t use Downloader, follow the same steps using a normal web browser like Chrome. Also make sure to allow unknown sources on your device.

  • Open Downloader (available in Amazon app store)
  • Type letscrackon.org and click go
  • Click the menu button in the top left (3 lines) and select Downloads
  • scroll down a little ad you will see Filelinked
  • after selecting scroll don the Filelinked page and you will see a download button
  • Click the download button and Filelinked will start downloading
  • Follow the install prompts and you’re done!
  • You can now delete the file from Downloader to save storage as it’s not longer needed
  • You will now see Filelinked in your applications


You can bookmark this page as we will be updating the Filelinked codes on a regular basis. Each month will have its own post so you can keep upto date. But this is the Best Filelinked Code June 2021 and hopefully you will find the app you’re looking for. Check out our other posts for the latest streaming news, apps, devices & more. Also comment down below if you have any questions or recommendations.


  1. Hi mate, the Kevin Porteus filelinked number is coming up as not found. Not seen him on YouTube for a while, is he still operating?

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