Best Filelinked Codes February 2020

The place where you kind find the trending and most awesome Filelinked stores. With stores full of endless Apps to keep you entertained for months on end. Let’s see the Best Filelinked Codes February 2020.

As we know Filelinked is the most used Downloader App for Android Devices. Each code is a different store giving you access to multiple different 3rd Party Apps. The Apps usually found inside Filelinked are Free Movies and Live TV Apps. But be aware that some may not scan the files for Trojans, Malware etc so it’s best to check the file before opening using Virus Total. You should also use a vpn to keep hidden and safe while online, here is our Recommended VPN.

So, there’s a huge choice of codes out there to choose from it makes it difficult to know which are the best for you to use. This is why we are doing this post, to make it easier for you to see the best options. Below we will list the best Filelinked Codes February 2020!


Hidden Gem Filelinked

The top of our list is a code recommended by me Free Tech is always upto date with the latest Movies & Live TV Apps. It’s worth noting that all files are also scanned for viruses before being added to the store.

CODE – 56001333

Stream & Tech Now Filelinked

This store is jam packed with Apps which is a good thing but also can be a bad thing. Most people want to see the best recommended Apps but this store is packed with almost every App you can think of. If you’re looking for an App you can’t find in our Downloads Section, chances are you’ll find it here.

CODE – 51829986

Electrical MD Filelinked

Electrical MD is 1 of the most influential YouTubers when it comes to streaming and the Filelinked store is great. Feel free to check it out yourself using the Filelinked Code below.

CODE – 85810914

Newtechevolution Filelinked

Newtech is another big streaming YouTuber that also has a great Filelinked Store. 1 of the first ones to be on the scene and absolutely rammed with APK’s.

CODE – 22222222 – PIN Code 4754

JoCan Filelinked

This store is absolutely huge! You may find Apps aren’t updated as often as other stores but is a great source to find Apps you’re struggling to find in other Filelinked Stores.

CODE – 17779393

NxTLvLTech Filelinked

This is a store that’s been around for quite a while now and could be worth checking out. This is here as an alternative and does require a Pin.

CODE – 11039868 – PIN Code 3000

We could literally go on for hours showing you numerous different Fileinked Stores and telling you the Best Filelinked Codes February 2020. But it really is irrelevant if you use the Filelinked Codes above. Combined those stores will have all the latest Apps you are looking for. Then for Other Apps you can visit our Downloads Section.

Don’t Forget APK Time

APK Time is also a huge APK Store, but this can be a better source. Most Apps on APK Time are modded, meaning most permissions are removed and most are Ad Free. You can find APK Time in our Downloads Section and we will leave pins below for the sections where it’s needed.

Graveyard Section – PIN 1212
Adult Section – PIN 6969

Is Filelinked Safe

best filelinked codes February 2020

The more popular Filelinked has become, the more people are asking “is it safe“. We would 100% recommend using a trusted source, as you don’t actually know what each file contains. Any direct download link can be added to a Filelinked store. Lets use Cinema HD as an example. If you see Cinema HD available to download on a store then that’s great, right? But what if the download file doesn’t contain Cinema HD? You wouldn’t know until you reach the install page. It’s that easy for creators to put any file in the store.

Is Filelinked Safe

But you could say that’s exactly the same as downloading from a website. The way we see it is if you trust the person who’s store it is, then you should be safe. Filelinked don’t have any way of detecting viruses and malware within the app. So another option would be to get a virus scanner to make sure the app is clean.

What we are trying to say is when trying to download any unofficial file there is always risk. But the best way for you to avoid having issues is to use a trusted code to start with.

Hopefully this helped and you can leave all comments below. We will be doing monthly posts to keep you upto date. Best Filelinked Codes February 2020!


Another huge advantage to stay safe online or when downloading is by using a vpn. A vpn keeps you both safe and hidden. For example : A vpn will hide your location so nobody can see where you are accessing a site/app from. Online privacy is being recognised by more and more people. With the amount of online activity we do each day, we would highly recommend you hiding behind a vpn. This ensures you feel safe when streaming, downloading, banking and much more.

Here we have one trusted VPN Service we have used for a very long time. It’s supported on all devices and you can connect upto 10 devices at the same time. It also has the fastest download speeds for a software based vpn. Check it out here : IPVANISH

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