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Best Filelinked Alternatives

Now that filelinked isn’t working, a lot of people are stumped as to where they can download their favourite apps. So I will tell you the best Filelinked alternatives you can use in the meantime.

Best Filelinked Aternatives

Filelinked Not Working

If you are reading this post, I’m guessing you’ve come across the Filelinked error saying code not found. At the time of writing this post we’re still not certain why this has happened, but I’ve wrote a post about Filelinked not working that will be updated when more news comes to light. See Post!

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Best Filelinked Alternatives

There will be many more apps you can use for installing apps on Firestick, android boxes ,etc. But this post will tell you the ones I know most of you will find easy to use and also have all the streaming apps you’ll need. If any others appear that may help, I will update this post in the future.

NOTE: When using unofficial apps it’s always recommended to use a vpn to stay anonymous online. It stops anybody seeing your location, collecting data and also stops your internet provider being able to see what you’re doing!

These are the best Filelinked alternatives 2021

TopTierVPN Website

Here you can get all the upto date streaming apps and it’s very easy tot use. Simply look on the list for the app you’d like to download, then click the download button and that’s it.

How to download? You can open the Downloader app and type 90706 or you can visit on any other web browser by typing in That will direct you to the list of available apps and you’re good to go. Then for all other downloads, you can find them in our downloads section on


Kevin Porteous Website

I think this will be the main 1 most of you will use until we find another app like Filelinked. I listed Kevin Porteous highly in my best Fiellinked codes page, and this is basically his Filelinked store on a website. It’s very easy to install apps and it’s all there ready for you to install. In my opinion, this could be the one of the best Filelinked alternatives to use for the time being. It has all the latest streaming apps along with modded versions and is updated almost daily.

Kevin Porteous website

How to install apps from Kevin Porteous website? This is a very easy process and something you will get use to doing quite fast. Open up a browser on your device, usually downloader if you are on a firestick or Android TV device and type in It will direct you to the website and all the apps will be there to install at your hearts content.

APK Time

Many of you may have used this in the past or heard of it and it really is a useful app. It has all the most popular streaming apps along with modded versions also. This is an app I used for a long time before Filelinked became available and is updated on a regular basis with the latest apps. I would say this would also list as one of the best Filelinked alternatives.

APK Time app

How to download APK Time? Simply head over to our Downloads Section and scroll down a little until you see App Stores. You will see APK Time there and click it. Scroll down until you see the black download button and the app will install to your device. If installing on a Firestick or Android TV box, you can do this using the Downloader App. (here)

If you are looking for official streaming apps, app stores, tools, media players, free vpn’s and other useful apps for android devices, then I have a bunch in my Downloads Section. It’s a place 1000’s have found useful and one you can check out.

Let's Crack On

How to install from Open up a web browser on your device (typically Downloader) and type It will do a Google search and my website should appear at the top, click it. Then open the menu and select downloads and all the apps will be there for you to install.


I checked out UnLinked after speaking to the developer and I must admit, it’s looking pretty impressive. It has a super clean look and the codes/stores are saved so you no longer have to enter them. I like the concept of UnLinked as it allows you to have different codes for different libraries. So if you like 1 code for movies and a different 1 for tv shows, this works great. I have 2 UnLinked codes for you to try and see how you like the app.

  • Movies – B83131E2
  • TV Shows – E991320D
UnLinked Codes

How to install UnLinked? Simply head over to our Downloads Section and scroll down a little until you see App Stores. You will see UnLinked there and click it. Scroll down until you see the black download button and the app will install to your device. If installing on a Firestick or Android TV box, you can do this using the Downloader App.

Downloader Quick Codes

Here are a list of codes you can simply type into Downloader. Type the code into the url bar and the app will start downloading. I’m not sure how upto date these apps are or if it’s a trusted source, but it’s another alternative for you.

Secret Download app Short Codes

  • VLC: 90315
  • MXplayerpro: 28474
  • Tivimate: 77923
  • Smarters: 40326
  • CinenamaHD: 95612
  • FilmPlus: 45779
  • Syncler: 50310
  • Weyd: 16982
  • Ocean Streams: 41803
  • BeeTV: 86342
  • CucoTV: 76998
  • Nova: 70350
  • Teatv: 22596
  • UKTurks: 58701
  • Kodi19: 74975
  • MovieHD: 82664
  • Vivatv: 35949
  • Tubitv: 38720
  • Cyberflix: 49256
  • Strix: 60518
  • APKtime: 62337
  • Smarttubenext: 14254

AppLinked (Filelinked Clone)

AppLinked is the recent Filelinked clone everybody has been talking about. But I would say, although it’s been recommended as an alternative, it isn’t quite ready to use yet. It’s still in early development and missing essential features.

How to install AppLinked? I’ve done a full tutorial on this in a post to make it easy for you and also telling you a bit more about AppLinked. READ POST!

AppLinked Codes: If you are looking to use this app and you’re wanting to know a few codes to try, I made a post with a few you can use. SEE APPLINKED CODES!

How To Install AppLinked

Why I Think AppLinked Will NOT Replace Filelinked

Review VPN Website

You can visit on Downloader and install apps like you would with the others. I’m not sure how often this is updated as there seems to be apps on there which are outdated and no longer live. Although I just tried a couple and they seem to be the updated versions. But it’s there as another alternative if all else fails.

Review vpn website

How to install from review vpn? Exactly the same way as you would install from the other websites. Open up Downloader or a browser and visit On the menu click best apps and pic the type of app you wish to download.

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is a very handy app to have as it has a lot of the apps you don’t find in the Google or Amazon app stores. It has a very nice and easy to use layout and makes it easy to install apps to your device. although you may not find all the streaming apps you want to download, there are certainly a few you could try. Along with over 750,000 other apps you can install.

Aptoide TV app

How to install Aptoide TV? Same as the above, this is also available in our Downloads Section. You will find it near the top of the page under the App Stores section, then when on the Aptoide TV page scroll down to the black download button the Aptoide TV will install on your device.

Dr. Venture Website

Dr. Venture reached out to me on my 2nd YouTube channel Let’s Crack On and let me know about his website. It’s not the fastest at loading and it doesn’t have a tonne of updated apps as of yet, but it’s something some of you may find helpful. The Kevin Porteous website is probably going to have everything you need, but if it’s missing something and you can’t find it here on, then you can always check this website.

Dr Venture website

How to install apps from Dr.Venture website? Exactly the same steps as how you’d download from the Kevin Porteous website.

There are also other websites you can check out made by YouTubers, but the truth is, we all list pretty much the same. Because TechdoctorUK was kind enough to give me a mention in his video, I’ll leave his link here for you 😂🍻 Visit site!

Will Filelinked Be Back?

Nobody can say for sure if Filelinked has been shutdown for good or if it’s just having a few issues. As said above, I will keep the post updated so you know what is happening and what you can do. These are the best Filelinked alternatives to use for now and if you know of any others people may find helpful, let me know and we’ll look at getting those added.


  1. pluto doesnt work.
    hardly ever works for me, before filelinked issues. weird. so i use xumo plex tubi. pretty musch the same stuff anyway.
    can u post android box how to’s as well? not just firestick.. hate firstick..

    1. Noted bud. I have now started to cover more versions including Android TV. Firestick I just use for examples but works the same for all other devices 🍻

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