Best Cheap Android Box That Actually Works

There are multiple different Android TV Boxes for less than £40. But the X96 Air you can get for less than £30, and it actually works awesome! Let’s see the best cheap Android Box that actually works 2020.

There are a couple of budget Android Boxes that are very popular at the moment, both with different features that make them more appealing. I have tested numerous different Android Devices over the past year and I’m glad to say these actually work. Below we will show you videos of 2 different products which maybe worth a look.

First is the X96 Air

Best Cheap Android Box

This box took me by total surprise when reviewing it. With a price point of less than £30 for the lower spec model makes it like WOW. But I know what you’re thinking….All cheap Android Boxes are Dog Shit, Slow, Don’t work etc. Well the X96 Air actually works and you will see an in depth video review below that will show you.


  • Very Cheap
  • Runs 4K content as good as other boxes
  • Has the new S905X3 Chipset (64 bit)
  • Latest Android 9.0
  • upto 64gb storage
  • Plays Games very well
  • Handles every task I threw at it


  • Doesn’t seem to support firmware updates
  • Poor ventilation

Yes literally the only Con I found was the updates. Which may actually work but I couldn’t seem to find 1. But maybe because it’s a new device. Also I can’t see any ventilation, but I didn’t experience any overheating issues. The X96 Air really is the first budget box I’ve ever tested that handles everything like this. Even when playing high resolution content and high tempo games I had no issues.

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X96 Air Review

An Alternative Budget Android Box

A95 F3 Review

When looking for the best cheap Android Box that actually works, you start to wonder….Will It Last? This is where the A95x F3 would be recommended. A95x have released some great high end Android Devices over the past year or so, and they now have the F3.

If I’m totally honest I found the X96 Air handled everything just as good if not better, BUT! The A95x F3 actually supports firmware updates. Meaning if the system needs updating it will do it, keeping the box upto date to tackle the latest applications.

This box you can also get for less than £40. Once again, a very cheap device with better specs than we would expect to see.

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A95x F3 Review

Best Cheap Android Box That Actually Works

If you are looking for the best of the best in terms of Android Boxes then hands down it’s the Nvidia Shield. Unfortunately the price is a little too much for most of us.

In my honest opinion if you are looking to save money on an Android Device, you won’t go far wrong with either of these. You can also check our Downloads Section to load you device with the latest apps and tools.

Here you will find various different Apps to gain the best experience from your Android TV Box. If you are looking for a streaming app, media player, tools and more, the Downloads Section will have it. You will also find third party apps in there aswell…..Shhh.

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Your thoughts and opinions mean a lot to us and other users. If you own either of these devices, comment your experience below.

  • How do they work for you?
  • Are you happy with the device?
  • Had any problems?

These are all questions people will be wondering when looking to purchase the best cheap Android box that actually works. So leave your comments below and help others with your experience.

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