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Are Google Using Gmail To Track Our Purchases?

Are Google Using Gmail To Track Our Purchases?

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  1. Hi my friend I just tried using your speed tester in your filelinked wouldn't do anything didn't seem like I was able to click on scan on my shield…Do you know if it works?

  2. Google track everywhere you go through google map. They than sell your location data! Delete time line from google map and disable or delete the damned app! If you go to google assistant, you will find over 25 different data collection categories! Turn all these categories off!

  3. Google have been harvesting data for years from absolutely every angle possible. The reason why is so they can sell ad space and make a bigger profit. Maps tracks where you go, Gmail tracks what your buying and who from. If you have an Android phone, it's basically watching your every move, seeing every key stroke and listening to every word you say.

    Try speaking exclusively to someone about a certain item (let's say for example a Ford Focus). Do it, but have your phone out in front of you whilst you discuss it. Chat about it for a good few miniutes (and make sure you say "Ford" and "Focus" a number of times). Within a matter of hours, you will start seeing ads for Ford and / or the Focus on Facebook or other sites that have Google sold ad spaces. It's crazy!

  4. Collecting data should not be permitted without the xpress consent of the user. Shut down those that do, no long drawn out apologies that are lies anyways, just fine them and shut them down. ZERO tolerence

  5. Hi Adam, now that you have highlighted this issue, do you know of any "safe" email service people can use. Thanks man.

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