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ARE FREE VPN'S SAFE ? — Do they Hide You or Do They Log Your Data

ARE FREE VPN'S SAFE ? — Do they Hide You or Do They Log Your Data

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  1. Forgot to mention with IPVanish you can use the same login details on 10 different devices at the same time. You can check it out here :
    Special 2 Year Offer Ends February 28th
    Let me know your thoughts as it could just be me being paranoid ?

  2. Good vid mate very informative.turbo VPN I've used it does slow you down . There are ads but there only in the app if you set it to auto start you don't open it so you don't see them

  3. Paid VPN's use cookies which are logs by another name. Cookies log certain information, your details. IPvanish, Nord etc.. all use these. Only PIA admit their cookies do collect info.

  4. Have you any tips tried to load let's crack on through virgin and it says like it's blocked it says optional to turn on or off but doesn't turn off ? Cheers duck

  5. They have malware inside them and are not safe if they are a free vpn after saying that hacking been around for years and years so just watch what you're doing half the time if you know that your breaking the law don't be stupid alright I've said enough back to everyone else to say there bit on the subject.????

  6. Help! I've downloaded Smart IPTV on my Amazon Firestick to my Toshiba TV. I've paid my €4.59 and had a response with my Mac Activation code and transaction ID. I've filled in the form to get the channels and this is where I'm stuck. Help!

  7. Hi mate…i Recently bought an android box ( mxq pro )then realised its got low rom and ram etc and the buffering is not worth using with a free vpn so i just dont use it at all. But i find my old samsung galaxy s6 works 90% flawless with free turbo vpn….but i cant mirror to tv obviously. With premium ipvanish can you mirror your streaming to the tv ….optional settings maybe ?

  8. I signed up to the Protonvpn free trial over a year ago , then will it run out after 7 days , i tried the free one it offers after that and as you would say it is AWESOME ,even if it disconnects it has a pop up telling you that you have been disconnected , it is superb and as for streaming speeds it is great , i watch all the live football using it , yeah you get the odd glitch but it is free , i think others should try it and see what they think ,the downside is tho that i do think they keep some logs but as i say been using it for over a year

  9. Perhaps use openvpn app on Android and Google up some log in details for free. At least that way you know the app isn't up to no good. My favourite is to use a raspberry pi as a VPN router. It will kill the connection if it drops and you use 1 login hub for all your devices just by pointing the DNS settings to the pi

  10. Quick question free tech just watched channel the hated one about vpns ip vanish nord and other paid vpns only encrypt your data to there sever after that it's sent on normal traffic worrying that and if the government FBI CIA want information that will hand it over coz they carnt afford a lawsuit so they comply so vpns aren't that save go check out the hated one channel just thought I would let you know

  11. I use Setupvpn on my desktop & phone, sometimes drops out but I just reconnect when I want to download. Be interesting to hear wether anyone else uses this vpn & if they have had any problems ?

  12. Using x VPN all the rest slows my service down too much …tried i p vanish but slowed really bad n have 200 mbgs .the x free works good for me n stays on hope I can trust them but if u use the paid x VPN it's expensive

  13. I looked into vpns most are subject to five eyes also ipvanish admited giving users details to american government . also look up there afformation scheme .

  14. You are the easiest man to follow I have asked so many people to follow you just because you are hilarious and really helpful. I personally think you are hilarious and a cracking laugh to have a beer with!! I enjoy every video you post because I know it’s going to be cracking. Keep it going mate. As they say across the water I am lovin it!! ?

  15. Using hotspot shield basic and works pretty well. My internet speed is normally 100 down and with vpn it's around the same (give or take 20mbps) and streams via torrenting through Morpheus works well

  16. The fact someone says they don't log or keep data, is like the security services in different countries that consistently stated they didn't monitor the internet, then we found out they did, and what happened, nothing!

    Trust is in short supply, the question is what if they are logging your data? Does it matter? Using an open network is ridiculous, so that said what other option is there? Set up your own VPN host and secure both ends yourself. Well that works for roaming phones/laptops and tablets, but what about your home PC? Do you need to have a VPN? Why?

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