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[Apps Revoked] AppValley, TweakBox & Tutu App all not working & experiencing issues!

AppValley, TweakBox & Tutu App as some of you may already know are popular third-party mobile app installers and jailbreak alternative for iOS devices that allows users to download apps that aren’t otherwise officially available on the App Store. But all of these installers have been experiencing the same issue, and that is Apps Revoked. We will continue to explain more about this and how you can fix the issue below.

So many users are noticing these issues and it’s obvious they aren’t happy about it. The most popular app which people are missing most is Spotify ++, But do you think the take downs are to be expected?

Why are Apps being revoked?

1 person keeps reporting the certificates to apple to revoke!

It’s obvious Apple only want users to use their official store, so by using this unofficial store you are installing third party apps which Apple don’t approve. Most of the time the third party apps are apps which allow access to illegal streaming/listening, so Apple want to shut them down as quickly as possible.

Each app has a certificate. If apple find this app to be something it doesn’t approve, then they will revoke the certificate. This means the developer then has to process new certificates for each app revoked, Which obviously takes time and why it seems down a lot of the time. It will also mean if you close the app which has a revoked certificate, it will no longer work when opened.

An app/tweak is given a certificate by Apple that lasts for a certain amount of time. This could be days or even a year. Sometimes Apple revokes/cancels the certificate due to using it for privacy or other non Apple allowed usage.

Why are revokes happening more now?

It looks like the last few months we have seen a lot more revokes, and this could be down to one person reporting the apps. We aren’t sure if the individual is doing it for the good of Apple, or if he has an issue with the other developers. But this person has managed to create a software which automatically reports the certificates to Apple.

Some say Apple are paying them to report the certificates, some say it’s a grudge as the developers wouldn’t list their app, and others think it’s purely for money. Once they start revoking Apps, they do go on to tell you where you can leave contributions and this could stop it.


As we said we don’t know why this is or the intentions the reporter has. But some people also see this as a good thing.

Can you prevent this happening?

The answer is YES!

There are a few ways for you to still use apps after the certificate has been revoked. Here are the most popular methods.

There are two: Anti Revoke and NessTool. Both of these are VPN tools and, when you install them onto your iPhone or iPad, you will be asked to provide confirmation that they can download and set up a VPN configuration.

Agree to this and each will start protecting your app certificates. In much the same way as a VPN works, they hide the certificates; that way, Apple can’t see them and that means they can’t revoke them. Bothe NessTool and Anti Revoke are only small tools, but they are incredibly powerful; when you install them, they will work in the background of your device, protecting any apps that are already on there. They don’t use much in the way of processor or memory resources, nor do they use much storage space. It is important to realize though, they will only protect what is on your iPhone or iPad at the time you install them so make sure you have everything you want first; if you do install any other apps afterward, you would need to reinstall NessTool or Anti Revoke. These are great little tools and taking a minute or so out to install them can save you hours of heartache in having to reinstall everything later.

The other way is to simply run a VPN to stop your phone connecting to ocsp.apple.com. This is where revokes affect you, so by blocking this url the apps you have installed still should worked after they are revoked.

Where can I install AppVally,TweakBox or Tutu?

It’s very simply, you can visit their easy to view websites direct. Simply install the config file, allow permissions etc then you are set. You can visit the sites by clicking whichever installer you would like to install below.

The most popular we have found is AppValley

If it’s your first time installing a Config file, then no problem. Here is a video that shows you how to install the file and enable it.


Where can I get a VPN?

There is a huge list of Free VPN’s in the Downloads Section, simply install and choose the server location you wish to connect to.

One thing we do say is do be careful when using Free VPN’s. There’s a reason they are free. Yes some show adverts, but surely there’s other ways for developers to benefit. We don’t know if the keep logs of your search/stream history, we don’t know if they save personal data etc. What we will say if you are looking for a VPN here are the THE TOP 3 VPN SERVICES : 75% OFF Nord VPN : https://nordvpn.org/freetech  |  57% OFF IPVanish : https://bit.ly/2SkPZRj  |  Express VPN : http://tiny.cc/94cg8y

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